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108. God caused you and still loves you

""I am forever an Effect of God. " "Father, I was created in Your Mind, a holy Thought that never left its home. I am forever Your Effect, and You forever and forever are my Cause. As You created me I have remained. Where You established me I still abide, and all Your attributes abide in me, because it is Your. . .

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106. You are God’s Creation

Something that I am really connecting with strongly at the moment, is the very ultra-simple truth that I am GOD’S CREATION. This is reflected in ideas such as: ”I am forever an effect of God,” “I am still as God created me. ” I focus simply on the fact that whatever I am, I MUST BE what God has determined me. . .

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105. Forgiveness as a recognition of your true self

It may seem that you have fallen from grace, have become corrupted, damaged and broken. It may seem you have become hurt or have hurt yourself, and now need healing. It may seem something is wrong with you, you have sinned and are guilty. It may seem you have reasons to be afraid. In seeking healing, you might then look. . .

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104. Being in the world but not of it

While your physical body is clearly anchored in THIS world, your true self is clearly anchored in ANOTHER world. Your soul, your holy self, is entirely LOCATED in God's Kingdom. "The soul never leaves the sight of God. " The only transition you make is between being BODY (physical) identified, which is the same as believing "I am in the physical. . .

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103. Whose lives really matter?

If we are really trying not to be racist, then we really need to recognize that people are equal regardless of their body shapes or sizes or colors right? And this means regarding people as NOT bodies. Because the only way to say that all skin colors are equal is to say that people are not their skin colors. Which. . .

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102. The making of a separated self

As Jesus says, "the separation has occurred". The separation is another name for the fall of man. We did in fact "fall asleep" and dream of another world in which we believed in and thus made/maintained "en ego". It has not been fully created because it is not created, but made. But we DID have the tiny mad idea and. . .

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101. Get with the Holy Spirit!

It's important to realize the role of the Holy Spirit. We have A Course in Miracles, a book, which has teachings and theory and lessons and so on. And you could conclude this means all you need to do is use the book. But there are two things much bigger than the book. 1. The universal curriculum, is the plan. . .

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100. I am still as God created me

God created you perfect. It's a done deal. You're already complete. You cannot add to yourself or take away. You can't be changed. You are permanently as God created you. He didn't leave anything out or fail to share anything or leave you less than completed. You can't be perfected or improved upon. You're already absolutely divine. So the one. . .

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99. Know yourself as God created you

A deep message in ACIM is very simply, that God created you as a perfect being, and if you would just BE YOURSELF, the way God intended, there would be no problem. If you would just be clearly in touch with who you really are, without trying to be anything else, there would be no suffering, no death, no sickness,. . .

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98. You are not your body - no-body is a body

I seem to be operating through a male body in this lifetime. It has a certain appearance. A certain shape. It functions in a given way and has certain seeming abilities and inabilities. There are appendages and shapes and features which other bodies don't seem to have. It seems to have a physical gender. It seems to have needs. When. . .

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97. Nothing about your body is true of you

Here's a fact. NOTHING ABOUT YOUR BODY HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU. The body is not your self. Its form, shape, color, size, activities, say NOTHING about you. Your face isn't even your face. Its gender and sexual persuasion is not yours. You have been a hundred bodies in a hundred lifetimes. Not even ONE of them defines you. . .

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96. I am not a body, I am as God created me

We may not realize it, but from birth onward most of us came to believe that we are our body. That literally, this physical object with arms and legs is our own self. There's my toes, there's my fingers, there's my face, there's "me". Parents talked about "you" this way. You talked about you this way, asking yourself, what am. . .

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95. The great body addiction

We are addicted to the body. We talk about the body as if it is the same thing as the person. We talk about what they are wearing as if they are the body wearing it. We ask what they are looking at, as if because the body is looking so are they. We talk about what the body did,. . .

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94. Heal your brother by viewing him as healed

It's interesting to realize, that your brother's soul is in a state of permanent perfection. What is true of him is what God established forever. His soul has no sickness, no disease, no upsets, no unhappiness. It is completely perfect and flawless. Your brother is perfect and flawless already, having been created to be permanently so. And therefore he has. . .

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93. Your soul is already perfect

YOUR SOUL IS ALREADY PERFECT! "We have also emphasized that man, insofar as the term relates to Soul, has not only been fully Created, but also been created perfect. There is no emptiness in him. ""The Soul always remains changeless, because it never leaves the sight of God. ""The soul is in a state of grace forever. Man's reality is ONLY his. . .

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92. Soul, spirit, mind, being, sons, egos, separation

If you look at the various things ACIM says, it becomes clearer and makes more sense when you don't think of "mind" or "one mind" or "christ mind" as being the highest or deepest level of existence. We need to distinguish that mind IS NOT the same thing as spirit, soul, SON or being. For example, there is a distinction. . .

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91. There's a place in you that's already holy

Regardless of how much ego you have right now, your true enlightened holy immortal self is already in you. It is merely HIDDEN behind ego blocks to awareness. You are STILL as God created you. Even right now you can part the seas of the mind and access the love of God. “I rest in God. ” “There is a place. . .

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