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114. One problem one solution

When we typically experience the world from an ego viewpoint, we might encounter lessons and people and problems. And then we attempt to forgive these things. And we think we are then done with forgiveness. And then another one comes along. And then we do another forgiveness. And this gives you the impression that you are doing forgiveness. But over time,. . .

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113. Freedom from all suffering

I'm kind of blown away right now, with this rapidly growing recognition that ALL suffering has ONE cause. That there is really only ONE lesson to learn. The lesson simply is that,. . . . if you believe the world is REAL, YOU WILL SUFFER.   And so I look back at all the times I have suffered, all the upsets, all events,. . .

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112. Undoing the god of sickness

When you are confused by believing the ego's world, you assign to illusions all the properties of reality. You take the properties of God away from God and from your real self, and give them to the non-existent world. This is how you give your power away and empower sickness. You assign the permanence of heaven to make sickness seem permanent. . . .

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111. Trust vs Fear

When you are afraid, it is because you do not trust. Or more specifically, you trust the ego and yourself alone, rather than trusting God. You always trust something, whether it be reality or illusions. When you trust in your own strength you become afraid because this cuts you off from God's strength. And the fact is that your real. . .

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110. The seeming absence of love is not something else

It's helpful to reframe everything in this world as the ABSENCE of something real, rather than the PRESENCE of something unreal. The world ITSELF is not the PRESENCE of a world, is is only the seeming ABSENCE of heaven. We are very used to labeling the things of this world as if they EXIST, have reality, are true and happening. . . .

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109. Sickness is simply denial

"The denial of God is the ego's religion. " At the soul level, everyone is immortal and holy. There is no problem, no unhappiness, no sickness, no death. At the mind level, which is part of the soul, and perhaps only part of the mind at that, there is denial present. This denial is the rejection of reality, God, truth, sanity,. . .

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108. You cannot suffer. Who is suffering?

If you are immortal, you cannot suffer. You cannot be hurt, damaged, offended, upset, sad, unhappy, depressed, lacking joy, unloved, abused, made sick, killed, harmed, bruised, wounded, angered, nothing. You can only be immortal. So what does that mean, in light of what seems to be "you suffering"? Even "your suffering" cannot be truly happening to you. YOU cannot be. . .

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107. The proper use of denial to work miracles

What is true is true. God's truth and reality are the only truth and reality. God's truth is permanent and cannot be changed or damaged. This means that you can either accept tit, or you can PRETEND it is not true, but you cannot change it into something truly false. This means you can accept or deny it, and you. . .

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106. There is no death. Stop believing in sickness!

All physical forms, all appearances, all physical conditions, all sicknesses, every illness, all disease, even physical death, . . . . . are all al lie. A MASSIVE lie. To be a miracle worker requires that you stop believing in sickness. In yourself, in others, in the world. Physical sickness is TEMPTATION. If we for a second believe it is real or true, we. . .

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105. Supplying love dispels sickness

There is light, and then there is the absence of light. The absence of light is what we call darkness. But darkness isn't a "something". It a lack of a something. When light shines and hits an obstacle, it forms a shadow. But the shadow isn't the PRESENCE of darkness, it's the ABSENCE of light. There is a cause effect. . .

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104. Everything is deliberate and intentional

Nothing happens without someone's mind deliberately willing it to happen. There are no exceptions to this. Separation did not happen without someone choosing it. Atonement does not happen without someone choosing it. Sickness does not happen without someone choosing it. Healing does not happen without someone choosing it. Everything thus serves a PURPOSE. Everything is being USED. Everything has a. . .

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103. Forgiving God is necessary to undo the separation

While doing a fervent forgiveness process, I started to think of my relationship with God. This is where things get juicy. We might not think of whether we are really loving God because we typically are not aware of God, he's not exactly popping up in front of our faces or coming along to trigger us. But there is certainly. . .

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102. To forgive the body is to overlook it, which heals it

"To forgive is to OVERLOOK. " Your mind in its natural healthy state, extends outwards and joins with other minds, connecting to them intimately. Your mind extends past your body, past the body of others, and joins with the holiness in them. It shares itself with them and thus unites with the Holy Spirit in them. But if your mind is. . .

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101. The perfect choice

"Real choice is no illusion. But the world has none to offer. " Whenever you are presented with a choice in this world, you'll find it always entails an impossible situation. It's not "you" that is making choices difficult, it is the nature of the world. "It is the world you see that is impossible. " Option A will offer something which. . .

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100. Life sucks and then you wake up

The world was made to die. It is hell. Bad shit happens, sooner or later. Everything breaks down, suffers, dies in the end. It's an insane world. However. When a whole shit ton of bad shite happens, and it keeps coming, at first it seems to attack all the defenses you made against its nature. All your safeties are called. . .

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99. You don't have to feel the ego emotions

If I am upset, I must be mistaken, and I must have chosen wrongly.   "I must have made a wrong decision because I'm not at peace. "   If I am feeling anything other than love, joy, happiness, peace, then I've made a wrong decision. And it was me who decided it, meaning that I decided not to be happy. . .

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98. Who is causing what to whom?

The whole problem with false perception is really just one of confusion about "what is the cause. " Or more to the point, who is causing it. We could rephrase that as "I don't know what God (cause) is. " In the separation there was a disassociation from the role of "causer" or chooser (creator), and the ownership and responsibility of this. . .

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97. Your defenses don't save you, they attack you

"If I defend myself I am attacked. " "My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability. " "Defense do what they would defend. " "In my defenselessness lies my safety. " It's interesting but, when we try to defend ourselves, under the belief that we are making ourselves more protected, more safe, more secure, we ACTUALLY are undermining ourselves and attacking ourselves. So now self. . .

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