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24. The course is more than words

While ACIM, as a book, is a collection fo words, these words are twice removed from reality. They are symbols of symbols. Jesus, who wrote the material, was not operating on a level of symbols upon symbols, or even a level of symbols. He is operating from a level of total awareness and experience of truth. He is in heaven,. . .

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23. The body as a teaching and healing device

The body is a symbol. It teaches either healing and life, or it teaches attack and death. The body symbolizes and represents the attitude of the MIND that is using the body. The body is a SYMBOLIC MESSAGE. When the mind is loving, its message is love and healing. The body TAKES ON THE FORM of this, by showing up as healed,. . .

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21. A healed body teaches healing

There's a radical teaching in the course that the human body should be in a state of perfect health in order to demonstrate a healed mind and symbolize eternal life. This means that if the body is in any way sick or dead it is conveying a message, through example, of attack and accusation. Obviously if a persons mind is. . .

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20. Truth from the top down

With A Course in Miracles, for most of us the journey starts in darkness. The lessons are designed to gradually lift us up out of the darkness into the light. As we read the text and learn of its instructions, we gradually piece together a clearer picture of what is true and real. Our learning begins to generalize. Things which. . .

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19. The universal curriculum

It may seem at first that all events in this world are random, sometimes negative, difficult, cruel and should not be happening. We try to avoid some events and promote others. We want the bad stuff to go away and escape into only the good stuff, to prolong the good stuff as long as possible and have some sense of. . .

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18. Everyone is taking God's mandatory curriculum

There is only one curriculum. It is God's curriculum. It applies to EVERYONE, no matter how awake or asleep or in what walk or life or following what religion, even people who have never heard of A Course in Miracles. There is a difference between ACIM - the book, the course - and "the universal curriculum", which applies to everyone,. . .

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17. There is nothing to learn

In recognition that we are already perfect and were created perfect, it iapparent that we only need to remember and accept that perfection is ALREADY TRUE OF US, in order to awaken. And so I asked Jesus, what about this entire journey into the dream and all the things we seem to have to LEARN? Is there anything to learn?. . .

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16. Learning to be free

Gradually over time Jesus has been trying to teach me about freedom. He would say, "you are free". I would be trying to decide whether to do something or not, whether I'm allowed to, whether it's the right thing, etc. I anticipated He would find me guilty for wanting to do something, and tell me not to. But instead, He. . .

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15. Is "God Is" enough of a teaching? How about nonduality? Oneness?

  We can reduce a lot of what the Course teaches seemingly down to simple statements such as "god is". But then when you try to extrapolate that back out to properly describe what we're experiencing, it doesn't work. Information has been lost. "God is oneness" or "there is no separation" is WAAAY too vague as a starting point.  . . .

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14. The script is written?

I asked Jesus some questions about "the script", what it is, how it works, what freedom we have, etc. He pulled together information from all over the Course in ways I would have never imagined. Here are the key points. 1) Scripts, as sequences of events or arrangements to meet, set up in what seems to be "before" incarnation but. . .

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13. Teaching to learn - developing trust in guidance

Teaching to learn - developing trust in guidance

To the ego, it will not attempt to teach anything that it does not already know. It relies entirely on its own learning or what it already believes is true. In this sense, everything within the ego thought system has already been there for a very long time and there is "nothing new". The ego does not therefore really learn. . .

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12. What does it mean that the script is written, and when are we done with our lessons?

What does it mean that the script is written, and when are we done with our lessons?

Chris asked: "I was interested in your explanation of the script and no longer needing scripts to learn our lessons. Maybe you could expand on that at some point?" In ACIM lesson 158 it mentions how "the script is written. " To begin, here is a quote of a couple of paragraphs surrounding this to give some context: "The time is. . .

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11. Learning to let go of the ego's hand

There is a pivotal moment when you let go of the ego's hand and decide to take the hand of Christ. This can and will happen in many scenarios and many times over. And it's going to happen in your "real life" in relation to people and your beliefs about people. Cate Grieves gave a good example of this recently in relation. . .

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10. Learning to be the prayer

At the beginning, prayer seems to be like asking for something you do not have. But this is the opposite of prayer. It does not produce anything DIRECTLY, it only affirms what you already have, because it emphasizes that it is TRUE that you DO NOT have what you want. This can be asking for help, which is okay, but it's. . .

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8. Faith is learning to trust God

Faith (trust in God) reaches outside of the illusory world and connects to a Source of miracles you may as yet not see or fully understand. But your willingness and openness to even conceive of it, coupled with even a vague belief that it holds truth and reality, is sufficient to establish a psychological "connection" to a higher mind. Believing there. . .

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7. Witnessing a miracle is a teaching device

If you were witness to a miracle happening, you would probably be simultaneously in awe, perhaps frightened, stunned, and it would also defy a whole bunch of 'laws' that you believe are true. If it seems that it can't be possible that someone's broken leg is suddenly healed, there is just "no way" that you can accept that this is possible,. . .

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