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15. Spacetime is heaven's exact opposite in every way

The world, Earth, this universe, was made as an EXACT LOGICAL OPPOSITE to God's Kingdom. It was made on purpose to OPPOSE every possible quality of God's nature, so as to ATTACK God's nature and suggest that since this world is ABSENT of God's nature, God is absent here entirely. And so the world proclaims that God and His son. . .

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14. What is time? Is it eternity? Is time reality? God's creation?

WHAT IS TIME? IS IT ETERNITY? IS TIME REALITY? GOD's CREATION? There have been a couple of posts here talking about time, and speculating with wishful-thinking that time is eternal or a creation of God. This is not true. The course is very clear on this. "Time and Eternity cannot both be real, because they contradict each other. " - ACIM"For. . .

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12. The ultimate purpose of the body, the world, space-time and perception

"The final judgement on the world contains no condemnation. For it sees the world as totally forgiven, without sin and ***wholly purposeless***. Without a cause, and now ***without a function in Christ's sight, it merely slips away to nothingness. **** There it was born, and there it ends as well. And all the figures in the dream in which the world. . .

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11. Looking past solid matter to the light of heaven

Here is Jesus talking about how you will see through solid matter when you recognize the world is forgiven, which means OVERLOOKING IT.   ”The body cannot see this, for the body AROSE from this for its protection, which must ALWAYS depend on keeping it (heaven/reality) NOT seen. The body's eyes will NEVER look on it (body can NEVER be. . .

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10. Seeing past the physical world

A collection of related quotes where the physical is no longer seen. . . "By focusing upon the good in him, THE BODY GROWS DECREASINGLY PERSISTENT IN YOUR SIGHT, and will at length be SEEN AS LITTLE MORE THAN JUST A SHADOW CIRCLING AROUND THE GOOD. 4 And this will be your concept of yourself, when you have reached the world BEYOND. . .

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9. The script is written?

I asked Jesus some questions about "the script", what it is, how it works, what freedom we have, etc. He pulled together information from all over the Course in ways I would have never imagined. Here are the key points. 1) Scripts, as sequences of events or arrangements to meet, set up in what seems to be "before" incarnation but. . .

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8. Some musings about the script being written and fate

If all moments of time were expressed all at once before time existed, then it seems to make sense that "the future" has already been determined because it has already been expressed. If the "script" of all moments in time was "written" ie put into place, all at once, then within linear time the future is essentially pre-written. Also if. . .

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7. Miracles should be happening all the time, miracles express love

Jesus says in the miracle principles, that miracles should be happening ALL THE TIME, and that when they are not happening, something has gone wrong. What this MUST mean, is that miracles are not simply shifts in perception TOWARDS truth, but they are expressions OF truth. The expression OF truth may well shift perception if perception needs shifting, but the. . .

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6. Your body and its sickness do not exist - at no time does the body exist at all

Your body and its sickness do not exist - at no time does the body exist at all

When the mind dreams, it is capable of projecting any kind of image at will. It does not require time in order for anything to "evolve" within the mind's projected images. The mind doesn't have to wait for time to pass, for its projected images to develop certain states or conditions. It is able to project NOW, absolutely any image. . . .

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5. What does it mean that the script is written, and when are we done with our lessons?

What does it mean that the script is written, and when are we done with our lessons?

Chris asked: "I was interested in your explanation of the script and no longer needing scripts to learn our lessons. Maybe you could expand on that at some point?" In ACIM lesson 158 it mentions how "the script is written. " To begin, here is a quote of a couple of paragraphs surrounding this to give some context: "The time is. . .

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4. Miracles should be happening all the time

Miracles should be happening all the time

For Jesus, miracles were natural. We'd call them supernatural because our idea of natural is less than natural. Each time He performed a miracle, it wasn't that He was shifting his awareness from illusions to truth. He wasn't doing some kind of correction of Himself in His own mind. He performed miracles BECAUSE He had already gone through a purification. . .

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3. What if miracles are easy?

What if miracles are practically nothing, just brief moments of correction, like brushing a piece of dust off some furniture?What if you can just have Jesus heal something right now and be done with it and move on like nothing happened?What if miracles were so natural and normal that they weren't anything special at all?What if miracles were happening all. . .

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2. The body's eyes cannot see past illusory forms

"T-22. III. 5. 3 The body's eyes see only form. 4 They cannot see beyond what they were made to see. 5 And they were made to look on error and not see past it. 6 Theirs is indeed a strange perception, for they can see only illusions, unable to look beyond the granite block of sin, and stopping at the outside. . .

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1. People-pleasing is the opposite of unconditional love

If I react differently to each person, or in each situation, I am not being unconditional. I think that one response is appropriate for one situation, another in a different situation. And in this way, my ego becomes locked into and engaged with the FORM of the situation. If someone becomes angry, I react with sternness. If someone is kinder, I. . .

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