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55. Forgiving abusers

It can be very difficult to forgive abuse. Typically in abusive situations, both persons are identified with their bodies. One person does something to the other person's body, which is taken very personally and hurtfully. It seems that one person has power to affect the other, to do something to them against their will. And the whole scenario seems to. . .

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54. Being responsible for the suffering of others

Everyone has free will. Which means that all experiences are chosen. And nothing happens to anyone without their consent or choice. If this weren't true, it would be possible that someone's free will could be taken away from them, violated, broken, or completely have no effect. This isn't possible because the free will was given by GOD, and is irrevocably. . .

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53. Doing God's will

God's will isn't really a matter of "whether" you do God's will or not. If God wills something, it is done. But that doesn't mean you have no freedom. ACIM teaches that "God does not coerce" and "even God would not oppose your will". Since your will is really one with God's will, or the same as, to in any way. . .

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52. You can help others to heal

This will fly against everything the ego believes, because the ego says that people are supposed to suffer. That guilt is justified. That punishment is needed. That somehow you are breaking the law if you help someone. Surely it's not possible to actually heal another person? To affect their mind? To undo their level confusion? To reverse their mental illness?. . .

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51. Everything is deliberate and intentional

Nothing happens without someone's mind deliberately willing it to happen. There are no exceptions to this. Separation did not happen without someone choosing it. Atonement does not happen without someone choosing it. Sickness does not happen without someone choosing it. Healing does not happen without someone choosing it. Everything thus serves a PURPOSE. Everything is being USED. Everything has a. . .

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50. Unwillingness is the ego's version of free will

"An unwilling will does not mean anything, because it is a contradiction in terms which actually leaves nothing. You can make yourself powerless only in a way that has NO MEANING AT ALL. When you think you are unwilling to will with God, you are not thinking. God's will IS thought. It cannot be contradicted by thought. " "And His Sons,. . .

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49. Free will means there is no grounds for guilt

I was doing something and inquired of Holy Spirit, "Is it okay that I'm doing this?". The response was, "You're free. " This is always the response I get when questioning what I'm doing. Regardless of what I'm doing. Regardless of what anyone would think about what I'm doing. And regardless of any moral explanation for whether what I'm doing is. . .

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48. The power of choice leads to salvation

In ACIM, there is a central pillar which was not clear to me before. It is an unexpected strategy for acheiving salvation, which is pointed to and reinforced over and over again. And in effect is the ONLY way. We may be familiar with the idea that ATONEMENT is the goal. Yes it is. The course also states that atonement,. . .

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47. The power of your free-will choice

Jesus merely asks us to choose again. To keep choosing again until we make the correct choice. "I must have made a wrong decision because I am not at peace. I made the decision myself but I can choose otherwise. " He tells us that whenever we are not at peace, ie suffering in any form, it is because we have. . .

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46. Why don't we want to do God's will?

God's will for us is perfect happiness, all the time. Total safety, love, blessing, peace, joy, no problems, perfect health, invulnerability, miraculousness, innocence. The end of sadness, grief, pain, sickness, fear and death. God wants this for us all the time. Do we want this? Why aren't we happy and at peace right now? If you ask yourself, as you. . .

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45. Listening to guidance - Doing God's Will

LISTENING TO GUIDANCE - DOING GOD'S WILL At times, I ask for guidance. And I get the guidance. But then I go into a mode of trying to decide whether to follow the guidance, or not, which means I am not really listening to the guidance. I've noticed that this indicates a state of uncertainty, which is fear, an indecision,. . .

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44. Allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you

In A Course in Miracles, there is a significant theme of allowing the Holy Spirit to fulfill his function, without you interrupting it, and without you attempting to take over his role as healer and therapist. But it may not be obvious how far this goes and what this implies. So let's look at what your role in this world. . .

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42. A little willingness invites the holy spirit

To be willing, is a movement in a VERTICAL direction upwards towards God/Holy Spirit/Light. Unwillingness is a movement away from God into the darkness of the ego. In order to become willing, you have to willingly and trustingly move at least a little in the direction of forgiveness and truth. A willingness to be mistaken, a willingness to surrender, a. . .

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41. The secret of salvation is based on your free will

Let's say that you have totally free will, and I also have totally free will. That means that there you are FREE FROM my will. It literally means I CANNOT do anything to you. There you are, fully causal, fully choosing, and whatever you will happens, and whatever you don't will doesn't happen. So there is no room or scenario. . .

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40. You are free

You have free will. “All loving creation is freely given. ” God has given you freedom. You can choose. There was nothing to really choose “between” in reality, until you dreamed of an alternative. God did not stop you from dreaming. He didn’t frown at you. He didn’t judge you. He didn’t tell you you were wrong, sinful, and shouldn’t be. . .

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39. My complaints aren't working, damn it!

Complaining is victimhood. And it doesn't work. Anything that happens, you choose. If you are conscious, you make a conscious choice, with deliberate intent to produce an effect. You cause it, implement it, make it happen and put it in place, because you want to. "God's teachers choose . . . It is a conscious choice. For they have learned that all choices. . .

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