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30. The script is written?

I asked Jesus some questions about "the script", what it is, how it works, what freedom we have, etc. He pulled together information from all over the Course in ways I would have never imagined. Here are the key points. 1) Scripts, as sequences of events or arrangements to meet, set up in what seems to be "before" incarnation but. . .

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29. Willingness to accept the atonement

When there are ego beliefs which say, there is some truth to something opposite to God's truth, you will not be willing, ready, or able, to accept atonement. You'll want to accept it but there will be something in you which objects or nags or gives you a sense of suspiciousness, that something just isn't quite acceptable or true about. . .

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28. Receiving and giving miracles is the same - you must give to receive

Receiving of miracles it not something that you "get" from God and then just sit there with it as though it is now in your possession. It is not possible to actually receive miracles WITHOUT being also willing to give and extend them. They are not personal. You will only allow yourself to receive them if you believe you are. . .

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27. Death is bullshit

When we project our sin onto other people, we position ourselves as wanting to be affected by them or by the world. We want them to be the cause of us, and to experience effects against our will. This literally is an attempt to sacrifice ourselves. It is attempted suicide. We seem to be willing somehow to trade our life. . .

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25. Every one of us has individual free will - every soul is free

“The world, in the original connotation of the term, included both the proper creation of man (souls/sons) by God and the proper creation by man in his right mind (his own free-will creations). The latter (the son’s ability to create) required the endowment of man by God with FREE WILL because all loving creation is freely given (God gave us freedom). Nothing. . .

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24. Miracle working, a message from Jesus

I was a going to write about something miracle related. I was going to elaborate on this quote: "The miracle is taken first on faith, because to ask for it implies the mind has been made ready to conceive of what it cannot see and does not understand. Yet faith will bring its witnesses to show that what it rested. . .

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23. The unwillingness to accept the truth

The truth is plain and clear. It can be presented in a perfectly clear manner. It can be spelled out with such logical clarity that anyone in their right mind would have absolutely no problem accepting it makes sense and is true. "No-one can argue with a fact" IF they are in their right mind. However, when someone is not. . .

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22. Some miracle-working tips

Belief and single-mindedness are important factors in working miracles. This isn't so much that you need to "believe in love" because truth is a given. . . "To believe in truth you do not have to do anything. " But if you DO believe in something of the ego (untruth, that is a problem. You need to be convinced of the opposite of. . .

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21. You can offer miracles but someone can refuse to receive them

MY SICKNESS IS MY RESPONSIBILITYOTHER PEOPLE'S SICKNESS IS THEIR RESPONSIBILITYYOU CAN’T WAKE PEOPLE UP FOR THEMJesus has the power to undo all sickness in a brother right now, BUT WILL NOT if they do not want it. Love cannot enter where it is not welcome!I am responsible for everything I experience. Other people are responsible for everything they experience. This. . .

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20. Being fully responsible for everything you experience takes your power back

The entire ego thought system is an attempt to deny and get rid of God, ourselves, and truth. It is an attempt to displace responsibility for who and what we are, what we are experiencing, and how these experiences were chosen, onto someone other than ourselves. The culmination of this behavior if death, in which we seem to successfully displace/project/disassociate. . .

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19. Overcoming death

Overcoming death

Let's take a look at these statements about overcoming death. 1) "When you learn to make ME manifest, you will never see death. For you will have looked upon the deathless IN yourself, and you will see only the eternal, as you look out upon a world that cannot die. " 2) "The body cannot live nor die, because it cannot. . .

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18. Some people just don't want your miracles

Some people just don't want your miracles

I was asking God sincerely last night, that He heal a specific person. I explained that this person had been limited for a long time with suffering and needed help. I went to quite some lengths to detail the things they were experiencing and why it was all so unnecessary. I finished with a definitive question, can you please just. . .

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17. With a split ego mind, you have a divided will which will stop miracles

With a split ego mind, you have a divided will which will stop miracles

A belief in separation takes place within your own mind. Your own mind becomes divided. A portion of your will goes into one part and the rest into another. Eventually this forms the conscious self and the unconscious self. Separation leads to a splitting out of cause from effect, receiving from giving, and other from self. But because it splits. . .

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16. Do we need miracles for our own Atonement?

Do we need miracles for our own Atonement?

Mark asked: "In ACIM Jesus makes the statement “The reason you come before me is that I do not need miracles for my own Atonement, but I stand at the end in case you fail temporarily. ” This implies we do need miracles for our Atonement. Could you possibly expand on that?" In A Course in Miracles, chapter 1, section 3,. . .

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15. Is ACIM aligned with the idea of co-creating your own reality?

Is ACIM aligned with the idea of co-creating your own reality?

Chris asked: "How is the Course in line with the term “creating your reality” as in Quantum physics? If the script is written and nothing unreal exists and nothing real can be threatened, how does the term “co-creating your reality” fit in, especially with regards to consciousness (first split) and the illusions of energy, frequency and vibration?" Thank you for. . .

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14. Miracles depend on you believing genuinely they will happen

Miracles depend on you believing genuinely they will happen

Beliefs seem to be something we're supposed to be undoing and getting rid of - at least false ones. And the Course says that you do not necessarily need to have a belief about the truth because it's kind of a given. It doesn't require some kind of extra effort or separate attitude in order to maintain it and it's. . .

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13. Speaking truth into the situation

Speaking truth into the situation

The mind and intention behind your words has power. What you speak is powerful, IF you are speaking words of truth. Sometimes people will say something like, "I'm worried that. . . " or "try not to. . . . " or "be careful because you might. . . . " etc. These are all coming from the victim mind and are statements of what the person believes. They are actually affirmations, which affirm. . .

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