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12. Purification is necessary before miracles can come

When Jesus says that miracles are everyone's right, but purification is necessary first, it is because of the ways that you keep blocking miracles. You DO have every right to access miracles and perform them, BUT, if you believe in sin, if you are riddled with guilt and fear, if you haven't done at least SOME purification of your mind, you're. . .

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11. You don't realize how much power you have

Because we don't realize how much power we have lost by following the ego, we might not realize just how much power is available to us. Returning to God doesn't just mean we remain some kind of disempowered, barely able to do anything being that's nice and calm and unassuming. We've been so used to living in limitation and lack, spiritually. . .

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10. Learning to be the prayer

At the beginning, prayer seems to be like asking for something you do not have. But this is the opposite of prayer. It does not produce anything DIRECTLY, it only affirms what you already have, because it emphasizes that it is TRUE that you DO NOT have what you want. This can be asking for help, which is okay, but it's. . .

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9. Revealing the fact that you are still worthy of God's love

If you can "do a forgiveness" and get to where you can accept that the sin was not real, therefore didn't really happen, and that therefore you are still innocent, it will reveal something to you. It will reveal that God is always loving you, does not believe you're sinful, and sees you as permanently innocent. When this is true, it. . .

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8. Should you change the world?

Should you change the world?There are many parts of ACIM which SEEM to suggest you should not. Such as:"Seek not to change the world, but seek to change your mind about the world. "Also Jesus tells us we need to correct the real cause of suffering in our mind, in our perception, in order to truly heal it. Some say that this. . .

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7. Overcoming your own inability to love more

Often our idea of love is special love, which means exclusive or conditional love. That means, it's relatively commonplace and 'normal' to only feel loving toward things that you approve of, while you spend the rest of your time rejecting everything else. But this isn't unconditional love. Sometimes it takes some difficult lessons in which to learn to be unconditional toward others. . . .

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6. Let Jesus help you heal your emotions

A simple, easy technique I recently learned helps with healing emotions. Most of your emotions are felt and stored in your belly. Your 'heart', emotionally, extends from your chest down into your belly. When you cry, you will notice that most of what you feel is located in the belly region. Some people say there's kind of a 'second brain' there, because. . .

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5. Hearing spiritual guidance

Hearing spiritual guidance. . . "His Voice will direct you very specifically. " . . . Your mind seems to be like a speaker system, and it is constantly engaging in noise and commotion and making sounds and broadcasting. It has something to say about everything and is very chatty. It also uses its chattiness to try to figure everything out on its own. It thinks. . .

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4. The more you can take responsibility the better

The more that you take responsibility for what you are experiencing, and the more you see that your whole experience is not caused by anyone or anything other than yourself, the more you will see this in others as well. I was at the grocery store and saw this man walking with a cane and an obvious limp from some recent. . .

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3. It's a lesson, but I don't get it

Often when I'm in the middle of some kind of upset, or a pain, or a sickness, or a struggle with someone or whatever, Jesus or Holy Spirit will simply say "its a lesson". When they say this, they aren't saying "its a punishment", even though that's what I'm interpreting it as - some kind of unfair treatment. By saying its. . .

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2. How long are you supposed to suffer before you will forgive yourself?

If you're carrying around some guilt about something you did wrong, you need to let that shit go. How long are you supposed to suffer before it's enough suffering to make up for your sin? Do you want a bit more suffering? How much do you deserve?10 years? 50 years? The rest of your life? Are you so worthless that you. . .

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1. Let's talk about sacrifice

The truth is, while you value something and believe there is truth in it, you will not want to let it go. You're convinced other stuff is less true and is not what you want, and that you should protect what you have faith in. That's a reasonable attitude. Although what you believe might ultimately be false, Holy Spirit is. . .

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