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The Holy Spirit is a SPIRIT

  • By Paul West
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The Holy Spirit is a SPIRIT.

He is not a metaphor. He is not an idea. He is not a convenient concept.

He is called the Holy SPIRIT, because he is a SPIRIT.

He is part of the Sonship. He has been created FULLY by God to be PERMANENT.

The Holy Spirit is ALIVE. He has a mind. He can think. He can love. He can heal.

The Holy Spirit is the mechanism of miracles. The Holy Spirit can PERFORM MIRACLES.

If you are afraid of Spirit, if you are afraid of the power of the mind, you might not like the idea that Holy Spirit is a Spirit.
He knows everything about you and about God.

He shares the Power and Will of God. There is nothing he cannot do. Just as there is nothing YOUR holiness cannot do.

He is not merely some aspect of your mind, or some metaphor for a “memory of God” or some little bit of “yourself” that happens to remain sane.


He speaks for God because He has been created whole and perfect. He is fixated on God and cannot lose sight of Christ.
The Holy Spirit loves to look upon, and is always aware of Christ, at all times.

The Holy Spirit is the highest communication medium, a perfect “channel” for God. He is UNLIMITED.

Many people think that healing is all to do with fixing your mind and learning the truth.

How about letting the Holy Spirit supernaturally heal you? Is that scary?

How about inviting Him into your mind and body to literally “undo the consequences of your wrong decision”. If you will let Him, He CAN and WILL come in and heal your symptoms and problems.

A Course in Miracles is not supposed to be a purely mental exercise. God created the Angels and the Holy Spirit to help you. You could really use their help. You need only be WILLING to ask for and receive it.

You do not have to do all of this on your own. Mighty Companions ACTUALLY can help you. This isn’t all about the ego “doing the course” in isolation. We are too used to being isolated.

Let God and His Creations help you, heal you, undo your symptoms, correct your errors and bring you peace.
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