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The metaphysical structure of heaven

  • By Paul West
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God the father is permanent and cannot be affected because "nothing real can be threatened." God is unchangeable.
God the father is cause, not effect. Yet he must create effects in order to be a cause.
God the father creates the sonship. The sonship has to be given free will because in order to be like the father, every member has to be able to create effects. They can't do that unless they can "will with love", which is a free will - to will freedom, because love creates Spirits that are free.
The son cannot cause the father or affect the father because the father cannot be changed. The father is first cause. The sons are second cause.
This distinction that the Father causes the Son to exist, but the Son once existing cannot cause the Father (because the father is permanent), is a NATURAL GRAND DIVISION, which is what distinguishes the Father and the Sons.
It should also be noted, once the Father has willed the creation of the free-willed Sons, he does not force the Sons to do anything. They do it gladly and freely. They SHARE His will, in the sense that, they agree with it, and are expressing it, because they are made of it.
Since God is pure cause, and not effect, God MUST produce an effect (a son), because a cause is not a cause unless it has an effect.
Therefore God MUST create a creation (son, sons, sonship).
And that creation must remain distinct from Him in that it CANNOT cause him, yet the creations can cause their own effects. This is the only way they are different.
It is when the Son attempts to cause the father, which is impossible, that we have the idea of usurping God's will and going against love and trying to bring about effects within God. This is the idea of sin. That is how dreams begin because it is impossible, so must be a fantasy.
This is the metaphysical "structure" of heaven. And this is also why God's creation is not non-duality. God as cause, must create a natural division - an effect which itself can cause, but cannot cause him.
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