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The only kind of therapy you really need

  • By Paul West
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The only kind of therapy you really need

The only therapy anyone really needs is a therapy focused around what they are doing to themselves.

They don't need therapy about what other people are doing to them, or what they are afraid of, or why stuff is happening to them.

The only truth is that they are doing everything to themselves, and everyone else is only ever doing anything to themselves.

Only real love is shared, all other illusions are a private fantasy. All attack is self attack. All disempowerment is self-disempowerment. All sickness is self inflicted. All guilt is because of one's own belief in sinfulness.

Really the only "problem" is entirely within your own control, which is good, because it means you can choose again and be free of your own self attack. If it is in any way caused by anyone or anything else, you are reliant on them to set you free, and thus you are stuck and cannot heal.

If the therapy can purely focus on becoming aware of what you're doing to yourself, owning up to that, taking back that power, realizing what you're doing to yourself, seeing past all of the illusions and coping mechanisms of denial and projection etc, you will find the key to salvation.

You don't need therapy about your neighbors or relationships or your work or your boss or people in the past or things you fear or stuff happening in the world. None of it. Your entire insanity is happening inside yourself in your private world. You are your only enemy.

"The secret to salvation is but this... that you are doing this to yourself." - ACIM
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