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The only reason you are afraid is because you believe you are guilty and should be punished

  • By Paul West
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The only reason you are afraid is because you believe you are guilty and should be punished

If you are not guilty, you have nothing to be afraid of, because you do not believe you deserve punishment.

The innocent have no basis on which to be afraid. They know they are innocent. They cannot take any accusations seriously. They cannot accuse themselves.

Fear only arises when there is guilt in the mind. If you are afraid of anything, in some way there must be guilt in you first.

The same is basically true in life in terms of the law, whereby if you did not commit the crime, you have nothing to worry about. If you did commit the crime (i.e. are guilty), then now there are consequences.

The consequence of guilt is punishment. Guilt demands punishment. It's not just that punishment "might" follow on from guilt. It MUST.

If you are guilty then you believe you do not deserve forgiveness, which means, you believe you deserve to be condemned for your mistake rather than have it be undone. That condemnation is punishment.

The guilty will themselves believe in their own deserving of punishment. Then because they believe in it, they will see it, manifest it, attract it, choose it, want it, and make it happen to themselves.

Regardless of what appears to be other people making you afraid because of what they are or might do to you, you are actually afraid because you believe they SHOULD do it to you because you deserve it. You want to suffer and be hurt because of what you did, to "atone" for it.

In fear, you might perceive and believe that other people are punishing you or things are happening to you "against your will". But it is not against your will. YOU believe in your guilt and YOU are the one punishing yourself. You can't claim to be being unfairly treated by them when it is YOU that is unfairly treating yourself. You will create people to attack you on your own behalf.

You will think you are afraid "of" or being "made afraid by" those MEANS by which punishment will come to you, but that's not why you are afraid. You're not afraid of being hurt by Jim or attacked by Sarah or to suffer with xyz disease. You're afraid because you're GUILTY, and your belief in guilt is forcing you to expect and bring about your own death.

All fear is the fear of death - punishment inflicted to atone for sin.

To undo all fear, get rid of guilt!

Without guilt there is no basis for fear whatsoever, in any form.

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