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There is only one miracle, yet many. Miracles are holographic. Holy Spirit is the miracle

  • By Paul West
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"There is one miracle, as there is one reality. 4 And every miracle you do contains them all, as every aspect of reality you see blends quietly into the one reality of God. 5 The only miracle that ever was is God's most holy Son, created in the one reality that is his Father."

"Miracles are blessings from God, through me to all my brothers."

"You are a miracle." "That is the miraculousness of the soul."

"Miracles are thought creations." "All expressions of love/God are miraculous in the true sense."

Ok so.

1) God is miraculous.

2) Creation is a miracle.

3) The sons of God are miracles and miraculous

4) In this world, miracles are symbols of the original miracle, and a reminder of the truth of creation - that everything is miraculous.

In a sense, "miraculousness" is the NATURE of God's reality in which the Golden Rule is always true and everything is shared by everything always.

Being "miracle minded" is a state of perception, the same as "miracle readiness".

Miracle doing, miracle working, being a miracle worker, performing miracles, is an EXPRESSION of love, from God, through Christ/Jesus, to all brothers, in this world, to heal our minds and return us TO miraculousness.

"Miracles make minds one in God."

There is really only only miracle, or one miraculousness. It is "the miracle". The Holy Spirit, in effect, is "the miracle" as in when ACIM says "the miracle" vs "miracles". He is the blessing of Healing given by God, through Christ, to all brothers. This is why "The holy spirit is the mechanism of miracles."

"Performing a miracle" heals the separation, raises communication, moves towards the Golden Rule, unites brothers with each other, corrects perception, reverses the symptoms of false perception (sickness/death), gives miraculousness to you and your brother, restores the state of miracle-mindedness, and brings us closer to God in whom we are permanently a miraculous miracle of creation.

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