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What is right mindedness, and is it the same thing as being awake within the dream?

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What is right mindedness, and is it the same thing as being awake within the dream?

Michael asked:

"Paul, can we get a clear, detailed description of “right-mindedness”? Is it synonymous to being awake “within” the dream? Thank you."

In A Course in Miracles there are 3 basic types or states of mind. There's the One Mind, the right mind and the wrong mind.

In this terminology, the One Mind is the mind of Christ which is love without an opposite. It has no separation and is not inside a dream of space or time. This is the mind which has dreamed of the separation and created the physical universe.

Following the separation/dreaming, a portion of mind seemed to be present within the dream or in some way separated from the wholeness of the One Mind. The One Mind is One with the Mind of God. In order for the separated mind to never lose touch with the truth, God created the Holy Spirit as the immediate Answer to the separation.

What that means is, God added to the mind by Creating a holy presence - The Holy Spirit - as an indestructible awareness of God. Holy Spirit shares a Mind that is One with God and which is permanently fixated on God. It is also a mind which is able to be aware of or perceive the illusions of the separated mind, but without believing in them whatsoever. Holy Spirit acts as a bridge between the right mind and the One Mind/Reality.

He is a "memory of God" in a sense except that usually we think of memories as just a recollection of something no longer happening. Holy Spirit is a memory in a more immediate, live sense, in that He is a living presence, a mind with an awareness, intelligence, love, which knows absolutely everything there is to know about healing the illusions of separation. He does not perceive that there is a real ego whatsoever, and is constantly seeing and recognizing the face of Christ i.e. innocence.

Holy Spirit is considered to have been positioned within what's referred to as the "right mind", or you could perhaps say "as". But the Course also says He was "added" to the Mind of the Son of God, so in a sense He is One with that mind but only a part of it. It's hard to talk about oneness at that level, but I guess the idea of the Holy Trinity may help, or that God/Son/Holy Spirit have different functions.

Holy Spirit is the Voice for God i.e. the Voice of sanity, truth, reason and reality. He is always loving and always tells the truth and has absolutely no denial or belief in illusions. He does not take the ego seriously, but recognizes the ways in which we do as false and calling for correction. Since He was provided by God as the Answer to the separation, He Himself essentially IS the "cure" or mechanism of miracles by which the separation is recognized as healed, and so also is intimately tied into the Atonement principle. His recognition of the truth as it is is the Atonement.

You could think of Holy Spirit like a light bulb within the mind of Christ, keeping the light on and helping the Son of God to see the truth. He shines a light of love and brings correction to the illusions of darkness. He dispels all forms of fear and attack and overlooks them all knowing they are nothing but figments of the imagination. He does not believe in sin or death. His mind is pure.

The Holy Spirit is also the highest communication medium, meaning that He is so completely pure and "holy" that He acts as a perfect medium - as in mediumship, or to "channel God". He connects to God and receives God and extends God perfectly to the Son. He is a portal of sorts, providing access to the Mind of God and acting as a doorway to Heaven.

Him being in the "right mind" doesn't mean He believes in illusions and is not separated from God. But there is some difference between the One Mind and the right mind. When a person is entirely in the right mind the wrong mind disappears and gives way to the One Mind, so in a sense the right mind is a bridge to the One Mind.

Since He is sort of 'within the dream' but completely aware of God and Christ, He has perception - True Perception - but doesn't believe that anything He perceives is the truth. He is kind of a symbol for God within the dream I guess you could say. I'm not technically exactly certain if He can be considered 'inside' the dream as such or more like on parallel with it. It has no power over Him whatsoever, but I believe He is able to use any part of the dream to help us.

For Him, there is nothing He cannot do. He is holy and powerful. He is also the mechanism of miracles, because He's able to perfectly extend love and heal and give Life. I think in the bible He is said to have raised Jesus from the dead. He can easily raise the dead, physically or metaphorically or in terms of the Resurrection of God's Son. Being in the right mind, I think of Him as like at the very top of the mind, not immersed in it, shining His light down.

Now, the terms "right mind" and "wrong mind" can be misunderstood because right and wrong are most commonly regarded as opposites in duality. Like, it's right to help people and wrong to hurt them. But this isn't what the terminology means in ACIM.

The right mind is a reflection of the One mind. What's right about the right mind is its correctness, it reflects the Real Truth, it has no denial, it recognizes there is no ego, it doesn't believe any illusions whatsoever, and knows there is no real sin.

A better analogy for the right mind I think is in the term "in their right mind" or "not in their right mind", in relation to a person's sanity or state of mind. If a person is sane, they see clearly, they know the real truth, they are not in denial and they do not believe illusions. They are reasonable and logically consistent and very honest. Their mind has sanity.

This sane mind is the right mind, a mirror reflection of the One Mind. Sort of, a mind within the dream which is holy and so stands on the very outer "edge" of the dream looking in upon it, completely detached. Kind of like how there is a "battleground" below where war is raging and things seem terrible but if you climb high up into the sky then you may seem to be above it. You still see it but you're not immersed in it, yet are still in the same realm as it.

In this sense, the so-called "wrong mind" is not just a mind where wrongness hangs out. But what you could refer to it as, is the sum total of all belief in illusions, and those illusions may include illusions of both right and wrong, as the ego judges it. What's "wrong" with the wrong mind is that it has lost sight of the truth, is in denial, experiencing separation as though it's real, is lost, confused, alone, and doesn't remember its identity. It is essentially the mind that we refer to as the ego.

It's generally considered in the Course's metaphysics that the right mind and the wrong mind both exist on a single "level". This is sometimes referred to as level 2. At this level, if both minds seem to exist at once, i.e. there is an egoic wrong mind doing it's thing, then this creates the impression that there is a "separate" right mind which is opposite to it.

Both that right mind and the wrong mind are inside of the whole mind - the One mind. You might again think of Holy Spirit as the light bulb shining a light in the right mind and yet, some distance from its light (an illusion) there seems to be some darkness, which is the wrong mind. Like a dim light bulb in a dark room.

If it were to happen that the wrong mind - all of the ego - were to be dissolved by the light of the right mind, the light of the right mind would shine so fully and extensively all throughout the mind such that the "wrong mind" - illusions of an ego identity, would disappear completely.

This would mean there technically only is a "right mind" remaining. But at the same instant, that right mind is no longer a "separate right mind", perceived through the eyes of the wrong mind. If the light fills the whole mind then the truth of the right mind is now the truth of all of the mind, and that means, the mind is now the One Mind.

As I see it, the wrong mind seems to exist temporarily and while it seems to exist, the right mind seems separate. But as soon as the wrong mind is dissolved "by" the right mind, there is never really a moment where there is a right mind hanging out by itself. Without a wrong mind to be its opposite, it cannot have its own identity as such. So we sort of leap from... being immersed in the ego wrong mind, to jumping into the One Mind, with the right mind effectively acting as a bridge or a way for the One Mind to come into and illuminate the mind.

Being in the right mind essentially would mean as you said, being awake within the dream. The larger One Mind may be dreaming the dream but you at least see this fact clearly and don't believe in the dream being real anymore. For the dream to END, requires going into the One Mind and fully waking up, but the right mind can apparently be a state you can hang out in before that. I think the Course refers to the right mind also as True Perception which completes the purpose of perception and renders it meaningless, thus being ready to be quickly let go.

The wrong mind is the "place" or state of mind where the ego hangs out. It's where there are illusions which are believed to be true. In that portion of mind, the wrong mind, there are illusions of good and bad, right and wrong. A split if you will. So the wrong mind is a part of mind which seems separate from sanity and truth and wholeness (right mind) and has within it a division, because it is the idea of being at war with itself. It is a state of conflict and unresolvable, complete opposition to its own self and to The Self and God.

The wrong mind basically can be equated with being lost in the dream, and also is usually considered "level 1" in the metaphysical structure of things. Within it is the illusion of a physical universe, all the planets and "life forms" and bodies, and all of the events that we think is life. Going from the illusions appearing real, which takes place in level 1, up to level 2 into the right mind, where the right mind dissolves the wrong mind and gives way to the One Mind, is the pathway back to God.

The wrong mind also contains within it the illusion of a false identity. You could say that the Christ mind is the One Son of God, the right mind connects to our individual Higher Self which is one of many sons of God in the Sonship (within Christ), and within the wrong mind there is a false identity made from illusions.

So as you wake up from the dream, you first wake up from the false ego illusory self which is entirely fictional, you wake up TO the right mind, which is waking up within the dream, and then the right mind eventually leads to to the Higher Self (level 3) and on to the Christ Self (level 4).

In the wrong mind, the false self is always a state of having multiple personalities, or fragments of identity. The two main parts are the conscious persona self, and the unconscious shadow self. They depend on each other and attack each other and also sustain each other.

There can't be a state of war and conflict without enemies, so even though the war seems like a battle between them, they need each other to continue existing. No enemies means no war which means no wrong mind. This is why the ego likes to be always in a state of war - a war which is never resolved, on purpose, because it just wants to be at war all the time and for that it needs a constant supply of enemies.

The wrong mind is also often referred to as the split mind because within it the mind and identity and will are all split in two, into a dualistic state of self and other etc. Another word for that is consciousness, which is different to the awareness of the One Mind. Consciousness is a mind believing that it is able to look upon some other part of itself as though it is not a part of itself, which is a state of insanity and disassociation.

Everything that happens within the wrong mind is "wrong", in the sense that it is not correct or true. Even if it creates illusions of profound rightness or illusions of truth or an illusion of love, they are all still wrong because they are incorrect. In other words it is a "false mind", versus the right mind as the "true mind".

The right mind reflects the truth of Heaven but is not that truth, as such. The Course also tells us that the truth of Heaven can be reflected in the world, but that the world is not the truth as such. This is how it is possible to see a reflection of God in the world, because God is in your mind (you're in the right mind). But this reflection isn't the same thing as the direct experience of Heaven, in which there is no world at all.

It's kind of like, you can see the truth but you can also still see what's false, it hasn't been fully undone yet by the Christ mind. When we all get into our right mind then we will all be sane and this will give rise to the Sonship merging back into the One Son of God - Christ, and with it the physical universe will disappear completely.

When Jesus says to forgive others because they know not what they do, He means that they are in their wrong mind. They literally are unaware that what they believe is real, is not real. It's just illusions pretending to be true. They do not realize or recognize the truth, and so are acting in "error". They make a lot of mistakes and "wrong decisions".

It is in this wrong-minded state that illusions seem to make sense. The truth which they hide, which they seem to replace, seems out of awareness and therefore unconscious. What remains in conscious awareness makes up the "whole" of the evidence on which to make decisions or conclusions. Given only that limited evidence, we come to all kinds of erroneous conclusions about ourselves and other people but in particular about who caused what or why they did it.

This forms the basis of all judgement and projection and blame and scapegoating. Believing that someone else stole your cheese when in fact you don't remember eating it earlier. You conclude it MUST have been someone else who is causing all kinds of stuff to happen, because you don't remember or see how you are doing it yourself. The wrong mind covers up the truth and hides evidence so that you don't know what you are really doing.

Acting on a basis of not knowing what you are doing, being blind and unaware and in what some religions call "ignorance" is really a state of mistakenness, where you really cannot help but be wrong all the time. You are constantly incorrect and lacking correctness/correction. All your perceptions in the wrong mind are false and misleading and confused. People in the wrong mind are "insane".

So this is why Jesus says to forgive them - everyone who is in their wrong mind - because they really do not know what they're doing. They're insane and unaware of their real motives or the real reasons for things and there is an innocence to that in a way. Let's not forget though that we are always choosing and even if we seem ignorant of the truth we still on some level know that we're deliberately trying to hide it, even if we play the part of not knowing or being a victim. Everything is thus forgivable in light of the fact that everyone is simply nuts.

If you had awareness of what the real truth is and you saw other people acting in ignorance unaware of this information, you would not have grounds to judge them for it, you'd just know that they don't see and are you would understand why they are making mistakes. You'd want to bring the truth to them and help them to see it in order to help them not to suffer. Forgiveness thus allows you to overlook the mistake and not consider it a real mistake or condemn people for it, recognizing it as just a lack of awareness - a state of fear.

Anyway, I hope this covers everything. Let me know if there is anything else.


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