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What is the word of God and how does it relate to what you are?

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What is the word of God and how does it relate to what you are?

Michael asked:

"The “Word”……….can it be given a meaningful description apart from the “experience”?"

Specifically, I am referring to the content of a sentence from Lesson 184, paragraph 10: "Here you understand the Word, the Name Which God has given you; the one Identity Which all things share; the one acknowledgement of what is true."

The Word of God is the expression of God. You could also refer to it as God's Creation. But I don't want to make it sound like that's really separate from God. It is what God is. It is the truth, the reality of God.

Thinking of it in terms of, if someone were to say to you, they "give you their word", they're giving you a promise that they will stay true to the truth and will not waver. This speaks of integrity, and therefore longevity, consistency and honesty and constancy. Another word for that would be permanence, because God is permanent.

So when God is "giving His Word", He is making an expression of what is true, is creating it, is establishing that it will be this way forever, is expressing the permanence and unchanging nature of it, and is "loyal" to it. This makes it, and thus Him, truly dependable. You can depend on and rely on it and bet your life on it.

God's Word is His authentic expression of the fullness of what He is, upholding absolute truth forever and simultaneously "creating" through extension and sharing. In that expressing He is said to have created His "Son" - the Son of God - which is the Christ identity that you really are.

So in effect you are the Word of God. You are the Creation of God. God has given His Word - given you - and thus established you as permanently, factually, actually true and real forever.

This correlates also to the idea that God's Word is the same thing as absolute truth. "Only the truth is true". God's truth cannot be changed, it cannot be modified or adjusted by anyone, it does not waver or go into fear, it remains the same forever. There is nothing that can be added to it or taken away from it. It is ever-lasting.

Similarly, the truth of God is so permanent that we also cannot change it. We have a dream about being able to change it, which is filled with the authority problem, but really we cannot change anything about the truth whatsoever. The truth is true.

By truth then, we mean, God, in His Reality. His experiential LIVING eternal extension. His constancy, His Love, His wholeness, His permanent reality. He is completely "fixed" and unmovable. He is what He is, forever. And because He IS the truth - and the truth IS something you experience (it's not intellectual knowledge), the awareness of God is His living Word. You 'be' it.

You are... that which radiates from God like a shining sun. You are the extension of His Light and Love. You are Omnipresent as He is, being everywhere forever.

There is nothing that can really change about you, either, because your reality in truth is that you are Immortal Spirit. Your Spirit has not entered into any dreams, it has not become confused, it is not identified with ego and is permanently sharing God's reality. Your "true self" as Immortal Spirit is the Word of God.

Sort of like, God's Word is a single "statement". His final answer. His only answer. And if God Wills it, nothing can prevent it or change it. God's Will cannot be changed. He does not change His mind about Himself or about us. We are the permanent shining expression of love, or as the Course puts it beautifully in Lesson 151:

"I am God's Son, complete and healed and whole, shining in the reflection of His Love. In me is His creation sanctified and guaranteed eternal life. In me is love perfected, fear impossible, and joy established without opposite. I am the holy home of God Himself. I am the Heaven where His Love resides. I am His holy Sinlessness Itself, for in my purity abides His Own."

So when God gave His Word, it was permanent and forever and will never change. It therefore IS reliable, and CAN be trusted, because it will not waver and will never deceive or lie to you. He will never change His mind or go into judgement or revenge, or retaliate regarding your insane dreams of separation. His Word simply continues, like the Song of Heaven which hasn't missed a single note. The ego on the other hand can't be trusted because its word is filled with lies and fluctuations.

God's Word is not like... a word in spoken language. Not human language. It's not one of many words. God's language is really a language of a single expression of a single truth in only one complete way.

Some people say that God's Word had a tone, like, "ommmm"... although of Course sound does not exist in God's reality. But it at least symbolizes the idea that God produces one single consistent "output" and all of His Creation is that output, which includes Heaven and You and all your Creations.

In Lesson 125, Jesus says "Today we will not listen to the world, but wait in silence for the Word of God." - This doesn't necessarily mean the same thing as hearing the VOICE for God, like you're not waiting for a conversation to start, but refers more to receiving, being aware of, communing with, God Himself - experiencing His True Nature as Love and Truth.

In Lesson 276, Jesus says "The Word of God is given me to speak." Here Jesus isn't so much meaning that different forms of different words strung out into English language, which is twice removed from reality. He means, that He is IN the Word, He IS the word, and He is going to express FROM the word (from Love/Truth) and everything that comes from that, every form it takes, it will have that Love infused into it, empowering it and expressing God through it.

A point to make here, is that, spoken words, words you speak with your mouth, actually have power. Or at least, they are supposed to. If you are IN the Word of God, ie are more awake and able and willing to extend God's Love, that Love has power. It is where miracles come from. As you speak audible words, what you "say" or express is "your word." And your speaking of it is, symbolically, you "giving your word."

Everything you express, everything you say, perhaps not really so much the form or the words chosen but the attitude, intention, and state of mind from which it comes, that state of mind travels outward with the words you speak. When you are in a place of miracle mindedness, open to the Holy Spirit, and you speak statements which align with God's Word, ie which are filled with the qualities and properties of God, this can be very powerful. Your words then become a conduit for the power of God to flow, and creative miracles can come from this.

In particular, since God has the property of Authority, given He has Absolute Authority over everything, if you speak IN or FROM that authority, you position yourself in the Heart of God and thereby extend and express God's Authority and Power.

Also if, for example, God is a God of certainty and constancy and conviction, and not a God of fear, and you speak without fear and you say things which affirm and align with Heavenly Truth, then not only is Heaven going to align with you and support and empower your statements, or even carry them out for you (by angels etc), but the speaking of those words then command authority over illusions. This is where we are getting into the realm of speaking to the "mountain" to move and having authority over it and requiring it to move.

I don't want to bring the Bible much into this to confuse anything, but there are many records there of Jesus's miracles in which He literally SPOKE some WORDS when bringing about miraculous effects. He also did not enter into fear when He spoke and He did not "ask politely" for illusions to change, or people to be healed, or the dead to raise etc. He commanded them.

He spoke directly to whatever the problem was and told it what to do. He gave orders. And because of His alignment to God's Truth and Authority (ultimately love, which is the source of miracles), the power of God moved (via holy Spirit, who is the mechanism of miracles) to implement what He had commanded.

He cast out "evil spirits" (which you could equate to very negative thoughts which have turned into form, remembering as Jesus says in the Course that "all thoughts produce form on some level"). He did it by commanding these "things", however you describe them, to leave. He did not ask them to leave, He told them to, and He was in such a position of Authority that they had to obey.

Here, by Authority I don't mean, He was manly and strong, I mean, in His mind, in His Awareness, the advancement of His mind, the Word of God was in Him and He had identified with it, and that is a position not only of invulnerability and causality, but also of profound POWER. And quite literally, He had power OVER all illusions and therefore over all forms and all sickness and death. So when He told them from a place of such causality, from the Word, using the Word, with "words", to do something, they did it.

And it wasn't like, they were separate things and they had a mind of their own and they had to decide to obey. It was more like, as with God's Creation, IT WAS DONE by the Power of God and implemented by the Power of God and the change was "enforced" by the Power of God. In other words, it was an act of CREATION. And when your mind becomes more loving, you gain access to this kind of creative power again, the power to combine thought and belief to move mountains.

So your word is actually important, especially in terms of aligning it with the Word of God. It's a statement of what you are. It's what you teach, by demonstration. It's your sense of identity. It's what is true for you. When you speak the truth about yourself or others or into a situation, this is "speaking truth into a situation" which can change the situation and shift it to a higher place. It can produce miracles - miracles that most would call supernatural.

There was, for example, a recent study where a large number of people were tested to see what kind of things they SPOKE in their life. What their self-talk was like, whether they complained or used words violently or spoke about their body and health in negative ways. It found very clearly that the people who spoke more negatively about themselves and others had more cases of sickness and disease, by quite a margin, than those who literally spoke health-giving, life-giving statements into their life.

So if you are going through life often literally SAYING stuff like your life sucks and people hate you and you don't like your body and bla bla bla, you are cursing yourself. You are implementing negative imprisonment onto yourself and others. You are choosing poorly and are giving voice to the ego, and therefore the ego's "word" is going to be implemented.

"Your word is your wand". There is a book by that title by Florence Scovel Shinn where she speaks to this a bit. I read it some years ago before A Course in Miracles came along.

So your word is important. You sharing God's word is important. You can speak and use words as symbolic representations of the expression of the Word of God. Your words create - not the form of the words themselves but the Word that is behind them that expresses them.

And if your mind, which is behind the words, is coming from a place that is close to God, close to love, then it's going to actually gain access to or plug into God's mind and there is going to be a major flow of POWER which can produce miracles.

The state of mind or presence of Love from which this is expressed is the key, of course. It doesn't actually matter the form of what you say or how you say it or whether you are firm or soft or whatever. But it does matter that you express FROM the right place, from the mind of love, as much as possible.

Thereby you align yourself with and become an extender of the Word of God, and God's Word is CREATIVE, so it literally has the power to create - to create body parts, to create changes in life circumstances, to create healing, to create money, to create objects, whatever.

And you will create in the likeness of yourself, based on what your "Word" is, ie who and what you are or what you are identified with. So if you are coming from a very high place you are capable of creating that which lasts forever, which is why Christ has "creations" of His own which are eternal and like Himself. If you do not believe you are eternal, then you will more likely create things which are flawed in some way.

The Word of God is the absolute truth. You can accept it, but you cannot change it. If it is not what you want, you cannot change it. If you don't like it, you cannot change it. You can go into DENIAL, and pretend that it is not what it is, but obviously that's a very unfounded position which won't hold up and will take considerable effort to maintain, because it's an illusion.

Any form of denial is fake, and holds no water. Yet you can cling to it very strongly and try to wrap your whole existence around it, which is what we've done with the ego. But it's all based on an unwillingness to accept God as God is, ie to reject the Word of God, and to try to replace His Word with a word of our own. We want to "have a say", ie have an opinion over God, which is not only impossible but insane and our opinions are absolutely meaningless.

We want to be the author of the word and to decide not only what the word is but what it says, or expresses. We want to be able to redefine God's word and replace it. The ego's "screaming", in attempt to drown out the Voice for God, is its attempt at expressing its own word. It will put a great deal of effort into it and make a lot of noise to try to compete with God's word, but it has to constantly do that because it is fundamentally unreal and false.

So it boils down to, do you listen to the Word of God, or do you listen to the Word of ego? Which one you listen to, ie believe in and ACCEPT as the truth, making it your identity, will be the word which expresses through you.

The ego's word is actually a lack of a word, a lack of will, a lack of power, a lack of creativity, a lack of life and a lack of love. It's really a withdrawal into nothingness, even though it seems to make a lot of noise. It's an attempt not to exist, so it's not very effectual. But if you accept it as truth, then it will seem to be a "stop" to God's Word. Or at least, in illusions it will appear to have that power. It really doesn't do anything.

When you are expressing from the ego, then, you do not have power to create or produce miracles. But when you express from God's Word there is a profound power there, a supernatural power, which defies all of the ego's laws. That's what miracles are. A creative expression of the Will of God through God's Word producing Creation, or at least bringing illusions into line with a symbolic expression of Creation - a reflection of Heaven. "Thine will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven."

So you don't really have a separate word of your own. You either INHERIT God's Word, or you inherit the ego's word. And the ego's word is not really anything at all. So really there is only God's word. If you accept it, there is nothing you cannot do. Literally. If you reject and deny it, you will lose your life because you're denying Life itself.

God's Word is the Living Truth and to deny it is to reject Living Forever. The ego's word is therefore "death" and God's word is "life". Which one you listen to is a life or death decision, or so it seems, because death is not really an option.

One final point, on the terminology of your "Name". As Jesus refers to it, similarly to God's Word, your "Name" is your actual identity. It is an expression of Love. It's not the form of a word or like a name like Michael or Paul. It's the immediate direct literal truth about you, who you are and what you're made of. That's your "name". Your True Self. That is what God has given AS the Son of God. When Jesus refers to your Name in this way, He's referring to you being God's Word which God Spoke and thus Created as His Son.

You are permanently real. You are God's expression. You are God's Word, God's answer, what God has given. You are all of it. The whole word. The one word. You will never change. You will never have any other word by which to live and know the truth. You live in God's living word forever and ever.


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