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What other brothers are there in Spirit besides Jesus?

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What other brothers are there in Spirit besides Jesus?

Jeff asked:

"Can you talk about our brothers in spirit (besides Jesus, but he’s an example) that you’ve met or are aware of in meditation – those of us not embodied at the moment, but here?"

This answer could have many levels. If we talk about how A Course in Miracles refers to Spirit, it is the highest and most real level of being, which is absolutely unchangeable and permanent. Any being that could be said to exist, exists at the level of Spirit, and all are equal. So you could say, everyone is Christ right now, outside of time and space. Even those portions which seem to be in a dream world pretending to be dead, are simultaneously "actually" Immortal Spirit, One with God and enjoying Eternal Life. That encompasses the entire Sonship.

It is actually possible for you right now to hold a conversation with your own Higher Self which is already in a state of complete awakening, even if "you" seem to currently be still in a state of not being awakened. Doesn't that seem bizarre? But it has happened to me. I've seen my Higher Self show up as a body of light, symbolically. I've also been spoken to by the Higher Self of some other people, even if that person seems to be stuck in a body in a dream flailing and semi-unconscious.

Your awakened Self is already awake and never really fell asleep. Sleep is an illusion of sleep, not a real sleep. Dreams are not real dreams, they are ... well, just dreams of dreams. Technically you could say that whatever is allegedly going to be the condition at the "end of time" when everyone has awoken, is ALREADY the case and has already been the case, since even before the beginning of time.

So we have this interesting situation where it seems that outside of time, everyone is already and permanently One, everyone is awake, everyone is Immortal Spirit, everyone is the Son of God, everyone is an enlightened master, and everyone can come and "visit" anyone who seems to be in a dream of spacetime, at any point in the timeline of history. This is also why, for example, it is possible for Gary Renard's friends Arten and Pursah to go "backwards in time" to visit him from his own future, even while "he" still seems to be not awakened yet.

So it's perfectly possible to be visited by and to hold conversations with your own Real Self. And in fact this has been the basis of some books. There's a good one by Jeffrey Chappell called "Answers from Silence" where he eventually awakens because of his conversations with his own Higher Self, which is already awake, and advised Him on how to wake up. Try getting your mind around that one.

For some people also there is some confusion about whether the Holy Spirit is your Higher Self or not. In a sense there is a Oneness there, so you could say you are One with the Holy Spirit and the same as Him, but sort of in some technical way there is a different role involved. A member of the Sonship versus God's Answer to the separation. But you can talk to the Holy Spirit and experience Him in various ways, just as you can other Spirit beings.

I've had various encounters with Jesus in various ways, ranging from hearing his voice in my mind to feeling him touch or hug me, to feeling a Oneness with Him where He was inside of me, to seeing an appearance and presence of Him showing up outside of my body, to experiencing Him in various ways and forms within my mind. Whatever my state of mind, it somewhat determines how I will interpret Him or what form He might take, and in the few times that I have been operating at a higher level He has been much less human and much more deeply mystical and void of any sense of body.

Buddha is also said to have awoken to the level that Jesus is and now they are good buddies. You could feasibly contact and talk to Buddha and receive much the same guidance in alignment with ACIM, I would presume. One time I did contact Buddha and I asked Him if He had any meditation tips. Why not? He said, "concentrate lightly". An interesting sort of conundrum, which seems contradictory, where the mind has a kind of focus but is not making things very real.

Being a spiritual medium and channeler it is not real hard for me to communicate with those who are not in a body. Various people have shown up and talked to me in various ways, sometimes giving messages to other people etc. One time I spoke with Bill Thetford who came to me. I had this sense that he was barely peeking into this world, and gave me that impression for a reason. He said "your only task is to forgive this place and get out of here". I felt that he conveyed very clearly the absolutely minimal amount of attention that should be given to the world, it being nothing at all, and that we merely need to finish all of our forgiveness and then get back to God. I talked briefly with the "deceased" Ken Wapnick as well.

I have had contact with Mary a few times. Her "energy" if you will is very very soft and loving and beautiful. There are also other beings, masters, people who have ascended that you can contact. If you want to get into it there are many websites on the internet going into who the various "known" ascended masters are, i.e. people who seem to be ascended "at this time in history". But keep in mind what I said above, everyone is already Perfect Spirit and you can communicate with your "future self" and your enlightened Self.

Judging by what I read in the series of books "Life and teachings of the masters of the far East", which I recommend for its wealth of examples of miracles and advanced spirituality, there are likely a much larger number of significantly advanced beings who have ascended to a miraculous state, and with whom you could communicate.

Some other beings which you especially can connect with, and which are referred to in the term "Mighty Companions" (including others like Jesus also), are the angels, and in particular the Archangels. If you are at a point where you barely even believe angels exist then you're missing out on a lot of support and powerful assistance.

There are numerous Archangels and all of them are very powerful and extremely beautiful beings of light. They are, as I understand it, at the same "level" in effect as your Higher Self. They are capable of helping you in this world in many many practical ways, and sport a whole host of profound abilities including miraculous protection, healing, miracles, guidance and all kinds of support.

In particular I have had numerous interactions with Archangel Michael, and to a lesser extent Archangel Raphael. It is relatively easy for me to talk to them. Their presence is wonderfully pure and innocent and beautiful, at the same time as being very certain and powerful. And they are extra large. They couldn't be more gentle, and yet at the same time, are very strong and capable. I ask for their help in safety and protection and freedom from fear and safe travels and they can also operate on you to perform healing and purification.

If you are interested in working with them more I suggest you look more into the work of Doreen Virtue because she has a lot of books and materials and cd's etc that really dives into this area. She is also a student of ACIM. There is a CD I use quite often called "Angel Therapy Meditations" which is a really cool yet powerful way to connect with and work with the Archangels. They do various healing activities on you which you can really feel. I *always* come away from listening to it having been healed and feeling much lighter and happier and freer. The angels' presence is palpable and always joyful. Angels are ready and willing to help you with your life, awakening, studies, challenges etc, but you do need to ASK FOR HELP.

I believe also that angels sometimes show up in "physical form", almost in a comedic way at times. Sometimes when I am out shopping etc I'll bump into someone who seems to be unusually friendly and happy, and I just get this very subtle feeling about them, this vibe, as though secretly they are not really human but are angels in disguise. There is a strange "knowing" or suspicion that comes over me. Sometimes they seem to manifest as quite unusual characters who are out of the ordinary and get your attention. I also think this happens more often than I even realize and it's happening for other people too.

I also saw an angel show itself to me one time, briefly, in its original form. I was on an airplane flight from Seattle and, in contrast to the flight over there, the flight back I couldn't help but feel quite anxious. I was picking up the energies and thoughts of the people on the plane. And so I began to pray to the angels to help. While looking towards the front of the plane, down the aisle, in my vision there suddenly appeared an angel. About regular human height, all in white, with a bright white light emanating from it. It lasted but a second, but it was long enough to get the impression that it was very very strong and powerful and that, therefore, everything was going to be okay. It was shortly after this that I had a vision of Archangel Michael stretched out beneath the airplane as though carrying it safely forward, the entire length of the plane.

There are also other beings who are not in bodies that you can connect with. I used to communicate with a group who had been incarnated in bodies previously and they felt much more human to me than higher entities. They often helped us with practical advice and more down-to-earth ways of dealing with life's challenges. And of course some such beings are quite famously channeled by various mediums, some more truthfully than others.

I took a trip to the 4th dimension once, in my sleep, and it was an extraordinarily beautiful place. There were bushes with flowers that just shimmered and radiated colored lights in such a beautiful pattern like they were singing in color. And I saw two people, both of whom were very beautiful. They asked me if I knew where I was. It was then that my ego kicked in and I became afraid, interpreting the beauty as somehow untrue or unreal and recoiled, which woke me up.

I also had a dream where I saw angels, a whole bunch of them. They appeared out of nowhere in mid-air and just floated there. They were so beautiful, full of white light, happy, joyful, peaceful, and moved in a very deliberate manner. Like, they were just stationary, then would suddenly float to a different location, then just stop, everything completely on purpose. And interestingly, they all looked very similar in features. Their faces were so beautiful and orderly, and all similar to each other. And yet while I say "face", it was like it wasn't even flesh, it was translucent, and yet still a face. It was quite a sight. Their likeness to each other was so close that it almost looked like they were identical.

Also I've met with aliens, in my sleep. Yes folks, aliens really do exist in this universe and on higher levels. Not everyone is in a human homo-sapien body stuck on planet Earth. We're already being visited A LOT, and this is only going to increase as the world wakes up and realizes that we are not *separate* from the rest of the universe. There are massive coverups of this and a lot of very high level control going on to suppress it, but gradually more and more people are having experiences and realizing that we really are "not alone" in this universe.

On the "astral" level I had a number of experiences you could say were "abductions", encounters with "grays" and so on. I also interestingly met with a blue-skinned humanoid, yet not quite human, being, in which was actually the personality of myself and my wife combined into one being (we are "twin souls"). This being was very interesting, peaceful and friendly and gentle, and had visited from another dimension. I was not allowed to touch it because of this, it would've caused some kind of harm due to a clash of dimensions or something. It was escorted by some kind of security guard man who was more like a regular human. I also recall meeting with some elven-like shorter beings one time, in green costume with long pointed ears.

I've had experiences of going back in time and into the future, through dreams, to moments in time which seemed like "now" but were at another time. I also have had dreams where I am on another planet, but it is very similar to earth, at a similar level of evolution, but it is not the same planet. The similarities are interesting but so are the differences, and its very interesting that two different worlds could evolve along similar lines. It's part of the dream, the way the "thought" of the cosmos in the mind follows certain rules and pathways.

I have also had memories of various past lives including memories of moments after death, and in-between lifetimes. I've recalled lives where I did certain things to certain people resulting in certain events happening in this life which you maybe can think of as karma, but were basically lessons. What appeared in this lifetime as "my suffering" was an inverse of another person receiving the suffering in a past life, and also my suffering in a past life resulted in another person suffering in this life. It's interesting how it plays out.

There are beings and life forms and entities out there the likes of which many people would either be extremely skeptical of, or totally freaked out by. Some of them are very spiritual and light, some of them are not. But on the whole, as you go higher in ascension towards God, everything and everyone becomes more and more beautiful and spirit-filled. There is really no limit to who or what your mind can join with or who you can thus communicate with.

I have experienced the presence of a "fairy" one time, a small entity, which appeared and then hopped onto me as I was reading specifically about them in a book by Doreen Virtue. There is much more out there than meets the eye, and there is even a lot out there that could meet the eye that we just have not experienced yet. Not forgetting God Himself.

We are very much supported and guided and helped in our time here on Earth. We all have angels and guides looking after us, and also the larger Archangels. Then additionally we are always in the presence of Christ and other Ascended Masters. You can call up on them in general or specifically by name. Just as ACIM itself says, the "image" of these beings can as yet still be called upon, meaning that they can manifest as bodies or forms or visions or apparitions or presences, in order to communicate with you, on whatever level you are comfortable. It's just a matter of you being open to it and trusting it without fear.

Many people have enjoyed experiences of Jesus, sometimes extremely profound and life altering, regardless of their walk of life or background or level of spiritual awareness or whatever. Jesus has no limits, and He asks us not to place limitations on what He can do. There IS no limit to what He can do, and we're talking massive miracles here. Like the disappearance of the entire universe. It never really existed, anyway.

We are all part of a huge family, and although estranged, we are all coming back together as One, slowly but surely.

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