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Which self are you really healing?

  • By Paul West
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Within you there is a false self, which you think is your real self, which is built from all kinds of ego stuff.

This false self is made from guilt and fear and sin and hate and darkness and despair and hurt and sadness. It is made from whatever it was that seemed to happen 'to' you to 'cause you' to change. It is made from beliefs that you formed which redefined not only the meaning of who and what you are, but even seemed to define and specify who and what 'you' are. This false self SEEMS to be your identity.

When you have this false self, a guilty self, and someone comes along and does something stimulating, this false self reacts. It feels threatened. It feels triggered. It re-experiences the guilt that it is made from. It seems vulnerable and afraid and retaliates in anger. And while it is present, YOU think that this false self IS YOU. You really believe that your identity, your self, IS this stuff. This baggage. This pain. You think you ARE the guilt.

Later on, with some willingness and readiness, you may find that you experience some healing. And maybe that means you will let yourself work through repressed feelings and actually feel them. Maybe it means you will release and let things out and express the hurt and pain that you THINK you experienced. Maybe you will remember what the causes were and why you thought they changed you and maybe you will let that go. But there is something interesting happening here.

The truth is that, who you really are, CANNOT BE CHANGED. So who you really are is NOT the self that seemed to be made from hurt and suffering. Who you really are is NOT the guilty self, and it's not that sort of sense of 'tangible presence' that comes up inside your mind that makes it seem like there is 'something in there'. In other words, you are not the blockages to yourself.

So is it really YOU that is healing? Is it really YOU that is transforming? Is it really YOU that cries? Is it really YOU that is upset and suffering or guilty? Is it really YOU that is sick and dying? NO. It's not you. It's the false self. All of the pain belongs to the false self. It's the ego.

You being lost in, identified with, associated with, close to, intimate with, trusting in, believing in, attached to, etc... this 'pain body' of baggage and hate, makes it SEEM like IT is you. The ego wants you to believe that you ARE this stuff, and that you are MADE FROM this stuff. It wants to define you and cause you and make you a passive victim. It wants you to forget who you are and to give all of your sense of 'me' to it, tied up in pain and agony.

So who heals? Who really needs any healing? Correction is needed, yes, so that you stop believing you need correction. Healing is needed, yes, so that you stop believing you can even be hurt and in need of healing. Forgiveness is needed, yes, so that you can remember that there is nothing to forgive because nothing has happened to you.

You're not healing because you need healing, you're healing so that you can come to realize you DO NOT NEED HEALING because you are immortal spirit. It was ALWAYS a lie that you were hurt. It was always a lie that it was YOU that was the 'self' made from guilt and pain. It was always a lie that it was YOU who had 'become' a terrible person or an unworthy fucker. It was never you. 

So as we 'heal', yes, it seems healing takes place, in various ways, including emotional releases and catharsis and bodily healing and all the rest of it. But what is it for? It's happening because who YOU are, is being RELEASED FROM, that baggage which had been binding you to the ego. You are being set free. You are letting go of your need to keep and attach to suffering, and you are rediscovering that you do not need to LIVE IN, or BE, or EXPERIENCE YOURSELF AS, everything that the ego ever seemed to make real.

You can't be hurt. You can't suffer. You can't die. YOU can't. The ego can seem to. And our identifying our 'self' AS it is our ONLY problem.
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