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Why are ACIM students lukewarm about demonstrating healing miracles?

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Why are ACIM students lukewarm about demonstrating healing miracles?

Mark asked:

"If the whole purpose of ACIM is the "removal of the blocks to the awareness of loves presence" then wouldn't physical healing miracles be a demonstration of exactly one form of that? If so, shouldn't we as ACIM students be more involved and enthusiastic about these clear demostrations of physical healings? Why are we so "lukewarm" about this?"


The entire ego thought system is geared against God and is in complete denial of the nature of God. It cannot conceive of and does not believe in God having a greater power than the ego's illusions, or of any way to bypass the ego's laws. The ego believes itself to be natural and justified and the only reality.

The ego does not believe in cures, because the idea of curing something is the same as undoing the ego. To reverse the ego would lead to a cure, and it has no interest in this. The ego is only interested in keeping its resistance against the truth or increasing it.

To undo effects, the cause would have to be brought into question. The ego has no interest in going from effects to causes. It only has interest in turning causes into effects and then empowering those effects to cause more effects.

Course students with egos are not aware of what they have given away through the separation. They do not realize what they lack by siding with the ego. They do not recognize what sickness is or why they chose it, or that they chose it at all. They do not see the possibility of having power over illusions or of changing them through a change of mind.

Also having been raised in a world which believes in profound victimhood, there are seldom examples testifying to the possibility of miraculous healing. Disempowerment seems common place and people do not realize how much power is available to them if they will side with God.

People simply do not believe in supernatural miracles. To do so is such a stretch beyond the ego's thought system, established norms, common experiences and ways of thinking. Miracles should be happening all the time, and yet for most, they almost never happen at all.

Miracles overthrow the ego in its entirety, and so anyone who identifies themselves with the ego's perspective will be against miracles. Often what happens is people try to integrate the Course's statements about miracles by softening them or weakening their definition.

A common belief is that miracles are "only" little shifts in perception from illusions to truth, or that they are little changes happening in your own mind. The suggestion is that you keep performing these so-called "miracles" in order to return to love.

If this were true, upon reaching love there would be no more need for miracles and you would no longer be miraculous. This also implies that anyone performing even a tiny little first forgiveness is instantly miraculous. To be miraculous at the beginning and completely unmiraculous at the end is entirely backwards, and is the ego's interpretation and redefinition of miracles.

The ego has a very big vested interest in diminishing what miracles are or what they are capable of. They are very threatening to the ego, because they have complete power over all illusions including the ego itself. It has no defense against them and sees them as dangerous.

It wants to put miracles into a nice tidy little box which has no apparent effects. It sees miracles as merely little changes of mind, with no power and no influence, whose presence doesn't reach any further than the little change that has taken place.

Keeping them in a safe little box keeps them away from their true nature or potential. This also leads to a perception that A Course in Miracles is entirely a self-study performed in privacy and isolation, behind closed doors and performed in secret, unless someone might reveal that miracles have power.

Miracles are inspired by love and therefore by God. Because people do not recognize how disempowered they are, and how little responsibility they have owned, they do not see how there could be a power greater than the seeming solidity of the world.

The ego's laws seem hard and real with real effects, tempting us to believe in them and to simply accept them as real. This acceptance of the world as real and as fixed and unquestionable, is part of the ego's defenses. It is nothing more than the belief that sin is real.

The ego mind would be freaked out if, all of a sudden, something seemed to happen in the world which completely defied all of the known laws of physics. But this is precisely what happens when the miracle occurs. This is because the ego believes the appearance of the physical world is absolutely real, and that it is the only reality.

The ego sees the world as a source, as though it is the cause of everything. In the ego's version of events, the world itself gives birth to bodies and the world itself creates events. This is of course a complete reversal of cause and effect, because the world is nothing more than an effect.

But believing the world is causal seems to give it a sense of power, and the belief in this empowered world prevents people from believing that they have power over it or that it is not going to resist their efforts to change it.

The balance of power appears to have been shifted almost entirely to where what is external has power over what is internal. And so people see themselves as weak and incapable of doing many things, as though they are disempowered and helpless.

The real-seeming, overpowering appearance of the physical universe presents a strong opposition to miracles, because if its reality is true then miracles are weak against it. Believing that the world causes itself and causes events, completely covers up any notion that there is a cause or source beyond it.

Miracles come from a place beyond the physical world, which demonstrates and reveals that physicality is not a cause but is an effect. It is an effect of a mind which is apparently useless by this world. Suddenly this means that all of the so-called rules and laws of this world can be overridden by a decision coming from somewhere earlier in the chain of events.

If a mind outside of physicality is able to make a decision which overthrows all of the supposed laws governing the inside of a dream, and this causes that dream to change, it will appear within the dream that the dream's rules have been broken. To those who believe that this dream reality is actual reality, it will come across as reality being broken, and that can be quite frightening.

An illusion which at first seemed to be the truth, suddenly revealing that it has been overridden by an even greater truth, blows the mind's doors open and exposes the illusory nature of the ego for what it is. Illusions, recognized as illusions, must disappear, because no longer can you believe in them once their illusory nature has been exposed.

The ego counts on not exposing the illusory nature of illusions. It counts on you continuing to believe that sin and guilt and sickness are real. It wants you to simply assume that they are logically consistent and normal and natural, as though they should be happening and that there is no reason to challenge them.

It depends on you remaining unconscious. If you were to believe in a world beyond the world, which demonstrates that this world is not reality, the entire foundation of the ego thought system would be uprooted and threatened. People identified with their bodies, as part of this very dream, would find that a threat to their own existence and will put up defenses against it.

The people do not want to wake up. The people do not want the truth. The people do not want to admit that everything in this world and all of its laws can be shown to be in no way as fixed or permanent as they appear. There are no limitations for miracles and nothing they cannot do. They completely undermine all illusions and demonstrate that they are not true or limiting.

Given that the ego self believes this world is real, it believes it is natural. It considers physical "nature" as natural and normal. This is because the ego does not want the truth to be exposed, which is that this so-called natural world is unnatural.

What we'd consider supernatural, in comparison to this natural world, is in fact natural, and should be normal. Such a mind, such a world, which is above and beyond the entire physical universe, has complete power over this world and is the cause of it. From its perspective, this world is nothing but an effect.

As a dream, this world is the effect of a mind which is its cause, and all of the effects in this world which pretend to have power over you are illusions. The idea that the body can become sick on its own, or that people can do things to hurt you, are just examples of this belief that the world has power over the mind that is dreaming it.

This is a reversal of levels, whereby you believe in magic. Magic is the belief that the level of form or body has a power greater than the level of mind. It is the belief that the world has power over you and is causal. And being causal, it is your parent. You are now its subservient child and whatever it says goes.

This is the root of a magical belief that forms and bodies have a will of their own, a mind of their own, and do not need the mind that created them. In fact, it is the belief that you have a will over God, have power over God, have a mind of your own, are capable of changing or destroying God, and that you can use your magical powers to make things happen.

This is the opposite of miracles. It is an attempt to replace miracles with magic by replacing what is cause with what is effect. Turning effects into causes makes it seem like this world has the power to decide what happens and what is real and what is permanent. And falling for this illusion leads to strong beliefs that miracles are not possible. Magic is a belief that miracles can be prevented.

To believe that a miracle could come along and overthrow and demonstrate and prove that magic is a fantasy, is seen as threatening to people who believe in bodies and causal dreams. To believe that there is a power greater than the power of this world to cause things to happen, comes across to the ego-identified as a danger to be avoided.

The notion of there being a level of empowerment which can completely overthrow all illusions, proving and demonstrating that you are not at the effect of the world at all, will not be welcomed by anyone with an ego. It means that you have faith in the ego and trust in the ego's illusions. This is the opposite of having faith and trust in God or God's truth.

Much of this goes back also to the fact that it was the mind which imagined the physical universe, and the ego is very careful to protect this fact and keep it hidden. It does not want you realizing that your mind has this much power - the power to create planets. It wants to keep you small and little. It wants to keep you weak and disempowered. It wants to keep being skeptical and fearful and remain in the thought system of victimhood and suffering.

What you believe in you will demonstrate. And if you demonstrate that you are not capable of miracles, you will demonstrate sickness because you believe you are weak and lacking power. God is Life and Life is far more powerful than the ego's wishful thinking. The ego has no real will at all, in comparison to the Real Will of God.

If you believe that something is true, you will be prepared to defend it and act upon it. If you were to get your mind to the point where you are supposedly awakened and yet at the same time you have sickness in your body, what does this tell us?

Simply, it means your mind is still split. Part of you is claiming you are at peace, but your body - which is an effect of your mind - is still demonstrating that you believe in sickness. Sickness is a defense against the truth and is an attack, so you are demonstrating that you still believe in attack. How then can you claim to be at peace?

Truly, what is in your mind, as cause, MUST demonstrate in the effects, which the body is. The body is coming from the mind and is inside of the mind. If the body is showing up and demonstrating sickness or is broken, it is demonstrating that the mind is sick. A sick body demonstrates that the mind has not been healed.

Additionally, demonstrating sickness in the body is an attack not only on yourself but also on your brother. It shows him that he has attacked you, and that what he has done to you has had real effects. It proves his guilt, and therefore undermines his innocence. You can hardly claim that your mind is filled with innocence if your body is proving that your brother is treacherous or the cause of it.

Many many Course students are extremely, and in some cases completely, averse to believing that A Course in Miracles really does mean MIRACLES, as in the kind of miracles demonstrated by Jesus. It would seem obvious that for Jesus to write a Course titled "A Course in Miracles" ... i.e. "A Course in which you will learn to perform miracles" ... whereby Jesus is most known for miracles such as walking on water, healing the sick, raising the dead etc, would be the most obvious and commonly understood interpretation of the book's title.

And yet, most who read it have found ways to read into it and justify all kinds of perspectives which continue to enact their ego, to resist and remain closed to the revelatory and radical potential that Jesus really is teaching us to be miraculous. Not just to change our minds or awaken to truth, but to express and extend powerful supernatural healing and correction to others, to manifest objects out of thin air, to be masterful over all illusions and to demonstrate that you are not bound by a single physical law.

It would seem to be far too radical for most to even conceive of being possible. This has led a lot students to "settle" for a mediocre, studious version of the Course, where there is a lot of theory and little action, a lot of thought and little real correction, and a lot of attempts at forgiveness but no real demonstration that it has been completed.

Given that sickness is a resistance against the truth, designed to defend your ego from its misperceptions of what the truth means, and given that awakening is supposed to remove misperceptions from your mind, it must mean that there would no longer be a need for sickness if the mind has been healed. If there is no need for it, will it disappear?

To some, they cannot accept that it must happen, because they still believe that the physical world in its fundamental condition is reality. They can't conceive of the possibility that there is a connection between the mind and form. They see form as though a separate reality with a mind and objectivity of its own. So if the body somehow "becomes" sick through external causes, those causes will have produced a permanent condition, and then even after you change your mind the symptoms of sickness will remain.

Clearly this is a strongly unchecked belief and misperception that cause still remains outside of you, that you were not the one who put sickness in place in the first place, and that you therefore still do not have any power over it. It is the lack of recognition that you are doing everything to yourself that leads to you not believing that you have any power to undo what you have done.

And yet, Jesus is clearly teaching us in the Course that the key to salvation is that we are but doing this all to ourselves. We need only to become completely responsible for everything we see, feel and experience. And Jesus has also told us that nobody can die without his own consent. To suggest therefore that death happens for any other reason, or by anyone else's hand, with a will which can cause death against your will, is to go against the Course's entire philosophy.

We are to come to realize that we have done everything to ourselves. That we in fact do have the power to attack ourselves and that is what we have been doing all along.  It is only in the truth that we have in fact done things to ourselves, that it even seems conceivable that we could choose not to do things to ourselves. If we are to just remain in victimhood where the world outside of us determines when we will live or die, then we clearly are not doing the Course correctly and have not awoken to the truth.

To disbelieve in miracles, of the supernatural kind, is therefore an act of irresponsibility and dishonesty. It demonstrates that you still believe cause and effect are reversed, that you are a powerless victim, that you still hate yourself and deserve to die. And believing this, you will die, with no willingness to demonstrate that this is not the truth about you.

If you are to own up to being the cause of anything, then you also must own up to having caused every form of suffering you are experiencing. It also means that you must own up to the fact, the truth, that nothing can happen to you caused by anyone else. Otherwise, you remain a powerless victim.

If you have power to choose what happens, and you have power to make things occur to you, then this proves to you that even sickness is caused by your deciding. You literally have and do choose to cause yourself to become sick, because you literally do have that power in your mind. You are perfectly capable of manifesting all forms of sickness and suffering and you have proved that you can do so many many times over.

The only issue now is coming to accept and own up to this fact, which means admitting to not only having had the power to attack yourself in these very real-seeming ways, but also therefore of having the power to choose to REMOVE the very things which you yourself invented.

As Jesus has told us, you invented both sickness and death, and therefore you can abolish both. He is literal in this and is literally telling us that if you choose to abolish death, you will not and cannot die for any reason. The only way you can die is by choosing it yourself and doing it to yourself. And all death is suicide.

This kind of power, this kind of awareness, is highly radical, and it goes against the entire world. It is the opposite of what the world believes, because the world, being an ego manifestation, was made to oppose it. And yet this world is nothing but a dream with no power of its own at all. All power lies in God and God's power over this illusion is absolutely unlimited.

Your returning to your True Self aligns you with God's power and restores access to this power in your mind. It literally gives you back the power to create planets, or on a seemingly even smaller scale, to heal the sick and raise the dead. And this literally does mean, OTHER PEOPLE receiving miracles from you, and not just you hiding in a cave performing weak little miracles upon yourself.

A sincere study of the 50 Miracle Principles of ACIM will reveal to you, if you are honest, that many of the principles speak of the expressions of love which you will give to and share with other people. Miracles as such are not exclusive to you, but in fact are demonstrations that the gap between you and others has been closed.

Miracles are shared with your brother and demonstrate that, on all levels, and thoroughly and completely, you do not believe in sickness or death. They demonstrate, by the powerful removal and undoing of all signs and symptoms of defenses against truth, that miracles are indeed supernatural and powerful and capable of defying all of the ego's laws.

This is what Jesus is attempting to teach us to do. He wants us to become miraculous to the point where we can heal the sick, raise the dead, manifest instantaneously, and demonstrate that the truth of God is truer than the truth of the illusion.

Miracles, demonstrated through physical expressions, also demonstrate and therefore teach, that your brother is innocent because no signs of damage or threat or danger have come between you. If your body is demonstrating perfect divine health in spite of what your brother believes, it shows him by example that he must also be innocent because what he has done to you has had no effect. Your willingness to be miraculous sets everyone else free as well.

There will continue to be significant resistance to the demonstration of such healing miracles for some time to come, because so many people are still allegiant to the ego and to a resistance to admitting to the power they have hidden within them. And there will continue to be profound resistance to even believing that the definition of miracles goes way beyond a few changes in the mind.

It is the job of those who are willing to demonstrate and prove and give example and inspire others that supernatural, ego defying miracles are not only effortless, joyful, constant and common-place, but that they are everyone's right. They are supposed to be happening all the time, not just when you are awakening but when you are awakened. When they are not happening, something has gone wrong. You are meant to be permanently miraculous.

Being miraculous is your natural state of being. Being capable of having power over all illusions should be completely normal and natural. Being incapable of suffering and incapable of being vulnerable or hurt, and demonstrating as such, should be a complete no-brainer. You would not even break a sweat should someone try to destroy you.

You cannot be hurt because you are immortal spirit, and if you really believe this is true, you will cease demonstrating the opposite and choose to demonstrate a complete absence of sickness and suffering, as well as having the power to alleviate the sickness and suffering of others.

Opening up to your own miraculous true nature, opens you up not only to receiving the miracle for yourself, but receiving and extending it for others. It is the privilege of the forgiven to forgive. It is the privilege of those who recognize that sin is not real and the ego is just an effect, to demonstrate for others also that their sins and the effects of their sins are also forgiven and undoable.

You have every ability to perform the same miracles Jesus performed, and more besides, and He has already told us that we will have this ability. He is not asking us just to wake up and claim the atonement, He is asking us to become loving, to share, to be willing to heal, and to demonstrate miracles everywhere we go. It is such a radical calling and so far beyond the egos aspirations that it will never be willing to entertain its possibility.

What applies to you applies to everyone. Your willingness to be forgiven allows you to forgive others. Your willingness to be healed by the Power of God allows you to heal others by the Power of God. There can be no trace of attack against the Son of God if the Son of God is to teach Ultimate Truth. And this simply means that that which is physical will be shown to be subservient to the mind, through the application of miracles and signs and wonders.

Signs of God's truth will follow those who believe.


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