Our Mission is Your Mission

The Holy Spirit sees you as Christ

Our Appointed Function

The Holy Spirit has been Appointed by God as the Answer to your belief that you are separate from your own Self as Christ. His function is to recognize you only as Christ and to correct your misperceptions of your Identity.

You also have an appointed function which is the undoing of your false beliefs through forgiveness, to become the light of the world and awaken to Reality.

Our function is the same as yours, to remind you that the Truth exists within you. We are an extension of the Voice For God. It is not our purpose to accomplish on your behalf what you are perfectly capable of, or to take away your freedom. Our role is to see you with True Perception, recognizing you and ourselves as Christ, and to assist you in becoming aware of who you are.

The only things keeping you from realizing that you are Christ, are your blocks to the awareness of this fact, which Holy Spirit will undo if you will allow it. The separation between you and your Self and God has not happened.


The Truth is in You

God Created you from Love and you are already Perfect. Your ego is mistaken about this and thinks you have lost touch with the Truth about you. This fictional absence of Truth/Love instills a false sense of lack and need, which compels you to seek what you've lost somewhere outside of yourself. This leads you to place responsibility for your awakening into the hands of other people, other teachers, and sources of salvation other than your True Self.

You thus believe salvation is separate from you because you are separate from your Self. While you continue to pursue salvation from outside of you, you will believe you will be saved by many things, and none of them will accomplish this. You will also thus believe many things have the power to influence you, which you want to happen in case they could save you from your separation. Thus are you victimized by your own mistaken belief in separation, and perceive attack as salvation.

We are here to remind you - the Truth is already in you. It can be re-accessed and experienced. You do not need another guru to take over control of what is already yours. Nor do you need to worship another in attempt to regain for yourself what you believe you have lost. You need only to be assisted in gaining your own awareness that nothing has really happened to your Truth at all (the Atonement), and that Christ remains your True Identity and Reality.

Truth is not a fact or piece of information or intellectual study. The Truth is the experience of what you really are as God's Child. And because you are the Truth, it cannot be taken away from you. Take heart then, for all is not lost.


Seeing the Christ in You

It is not our role to be your savior, to meet your false needs, to fix your problems or to take away from you ownership of your own Power as God's Child. It is you who have created your own self-imposed imprisonment, and it can be undone by the Holy Spirit, who is in you as well.

We are Christ also (we are all Christ), and as such we already have everything that was Given us by God, and therefore have no need to obtain it from you. It would serve you well to remind us of this should we forget, lest we both be confused or enter into a special relationship founded on denial of Truth.

It is our role to see only the Christ in you, and to help you to see it also, so that you will know you have no lack of Love in you and need no-one to restore its presence for you besides the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God's experiential Answer to your sense of separation from the Truth that you are. Separation's undoing will restore your mind to an awareness of your Pre-Existing Divinity, which may have been hidden but is unchanged and available to you now.


The Curriculum

You have your own curriculum with your own lessons. Your lessons are not ours and our curriculum is our own. We have enough lessons of our own to work through and don't need yours. Therefore it is not our purpose to add a false curriculum to your own, and it should not be your purpose to expect relief from lessons through dependency on us. It is, however, our purpose to assist you in progressing with your own curriculum, where possible, in whatever way is Truly Helpful, as directed by Holy Spirit.


Teachers and Students

The proper role of a teacher is to assist those who temporarily have less to have more. This is also the purpose of the miracle. It is not the role of the teacher to maintain distance or separation between where he is at versus where the student is, but rather to lift them up to his greater light. This is accomplished by shining his light so that the student may see their own higher Truth, and to recognize their ownership/identification with it. It is also the teacher's role to be a student of the Holy Spirit and Jesus - teaching to learn.

The proper role of a student is to become open to receive the light exposed and pointed out by the teacher, only when they are ready and willing to do so, knowing that the only role of the teacher is to shine the light of forgiveness (The Holy Spirit) to see, so that they may recognize that the Truth exists within them already - it was merely out of sight.

The teacher does not force the student to awaken, and the student does not force the teacher to save them. We each, student and teacher, have the responsibility only for our own awakening. Dependency between the two is inappropriate, for each is their own Teacher under the guidance of Holy Spirit and destined to return to God.

A Course in Miracles is a self-study course, not merely given its form as study materials but by virtue of the Truth being already within you. That is where it is, and that is where you will find it. The Course's aim is to teach you to recognize it where it is (in your mind) and stop seeking where it is not (outside of you). In this sense you can only re-learn the Truth by finding it within yourself, hence a study of your True Self is required. The Course merely points you in the direction of where the Truth really is - within your Self. It is You that you need to become re-acquainted with.


The Plan for Salvation

Our relationship is temporary and purposeful in time, that we may return together as equal brothers to the light that is our Home in God, as One. You have every right to ignore or reject everything we suggest. If it is not right for you, you are better served trusting what you need for your own curriculum. We therefore have no intention of people-pleasing anyone.

It is your responsibility to discern how you wish to use what has been offered. What is not appropriate for you may be salvation for another, so take what you like and leave the rest. This is a saner approach than resisting or fighting with what has been offered. Listen to your heart.

The Holy Spirit has a plan for salvation. All are included and He knows who are to meet and for what purpose. "There are no accidents in salvation. Those who are to meet shall meet, because together they have the potential for a Holy Relationship." - ACIM

You are invited to enjoy and use all of the resources we have made available, for whatever purpose is helpful to you. We aim to consistently hold the position that the Truth exists within you, and your own Light is what you really want. What you really need is reunion with your Self and God, and really you already have it.



Fear not, nothing has happened but in a dream. The Atonement principle guarantees and affirms that you remain Innocent as God Created you. It's statement of Truth affirms your identity as Christ which has not changed. If we are to remember this fact, we will always remember we need not seek elsewhere for who we are but within. If the Atonement is True, you have no needs at all.

It is only when you forget the Truth that you may seem to need help. The Holy Spirit is your Holy Helper. Through us He may teach what will correct your perception, that you may return to awareness of your Immortal Spirit. However, your relationship with Him is a direct and intimate one. He is in you and is your Appointed Friend.



You are Home and safe with God. You too are a Voice For God. Thank you for taking opportunities to awaken from the dream, that you may return to your position as the Light of the World, and as a Teacher of God. This is your gift to all of us, for which we are grateful.


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