Return Policy


No Returns for any reason


All Sales Are Final

We do not currently sell any products or services directly through our website, and therefore there are no returns allowed or possible from this website.

Returns may or may not be authorized at our sole discretion only and we reserve the right to refuse all returns for any reason at any time without prior notice or explanation.

We will not be held responsible for any side-effects or circumstances that arise as a result of our decision to accept or refuse any return for any reason at any time. See our Terms of Service for further information about limitations of liability.

Purchases made through third party websites or services such as Amazon or other stores or marketplaces, may offer their own return policy and terms of service by which you may be bound if you, within their policies, are considered to be their own customer or end-user. Please check the return policy of any website from which you make a purchase.

Voice For God and Venus12 LLC are not bound by any return policies from other websites unless this is expressly a condition of our doing business with them or of them supplying products or services on our behalf, under which scenario you remain bound by the policies of these third party websites as a part of your direct relationship with them. In such cases, any claim or wish to return a product or service purchased from a third party will entail your direct interaction with the third part and not with Voice For God or Venus12 LLC.

Nevertheless, any service or product purchased directly from this website ( at this time is subject to this return policy and as such no returns are permitted for goods or services purchased from this website.




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