ACIM Book: All is Forgiven

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A Course in Miracles with Jesus, in his own words - with Paul West

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337 pages

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In "All is Forgiven", Jesus himself authors a love letter from Heaven, to you. He reveals the healing truth that you are already innocent, forgiven of everything you might have thought could separate you from God's Unconditional Love, and completely free of the ego.

This healing message nourishes, uplifts and enlightens with gentle truth and deep honesty. All of the ways in which you came to believe you were unworthy of God's love will be brought into question, then seen in a forgiving light.

Jesus is direct, unconditionally loving, deeply insightful and thoroughly certain of this one simple truth: All is Forgiven. God loves you already and always will.

Spanning a period of almost 2 years, All is Forgiven has been channeled by the scribe - Paul West - with every effort taken to ensure the clarity and accuracy of Jesus's intentions. All editing has been performed by and approved by Jesus Himself.

All is Forgiven teaches in alignment with the principles of A Course in Miracles, a self-study course in the practical application of forgiveness and mind healing. It encourages you to forge contact and to work with Holy Spirit as you continue to apply loving self-forgiveness.

Jesus teaches that you are forgiven, unconditionally and universally. There are no exceptions to this rule - you are immortal spirit, innocent and holy forever in God's eyes and no mistake can change this Eternal Truth. At times radical, at times beautiful, at times deeply profound, and at times intensely honest, Jesus's words heal and nurture while clarifying perception.

Read it for yourself. Be willing to consider that you too can claim your absolute identity in Christ, and Jesus is here to hold your hand every step of the way.

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