ACIM Book: I Am Love - Book 1

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A Course in Miracles book by Paul West and Holy Spirit

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ISBN: 9780615597133

190 pages

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I Am Love is a healing journey and affirmative reminder of your True Identity as Love. You are literally an extension of God's love. I Am Love seeks to undo illusions of ego guilt (which are based on unconscious beliefs in separation from God, sin and death) using an applied forgiveness process aligned with the teachings of A Course in Miracles.

The book encourages a healing of false perceptions, a correction of mistaken thoughts and an expansion of the awareness of love's (God's) presence. Ultimately it seeks to remind you that your True Identity is Infinite Love, rather than a separate ego.

Holy Spirit is the source of most of the book material as channeled through the author. Holy Spirit is also responsible for most of the editing and decisions made throughout the book's development. He is also the Healer who works through the book to heal and guide the reader.

The book does not explain theory nor try to dwell on the story of one's life. Rather it focusses immediately on APPLYING the forgiveness process as taught in A Course in Miracles by the Foundation for Inner Peace, and in The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard. It offers insight into false beliefs and affirms an awareness of what is True.

I Am Love was written as a healing process for the author as a way of applying forgiveness for himself. The writing of the book did produce healing, emotional releases and an expanded awareness and trust of Holy Spirit, Jesus and God. You are encouraged to use this book for applying forgiveness in your own life, joining first with Holy Spirit or Jesus to allow and accept their guidance, correction and support.

Look within and remember, you are love. Holy Spirit offers his love and support as you awaken to the awareness of Love's presence.

I Am Love is written in a first-person perspective with almost 3000 instances of `I`, designed to resonate with YOU. The book can be read out loud for enhanced affirmative power. It is also useful to read the book out loud to another person and allow them to repeat everything you say. Of course, reading quietly to yourself is always a rewarding experience!

I Am Love features many beautiful passages, thanks to the healing influence of our friend Holy Spirit. The book also has a rhythmical quality, especially toward later chapters. Much of it poetically flows with a waltz-like `iambic pentameter` rhythm and also includes numerous rhyming sentences.

During its writing, the author felt often compelled to express the words within this rhythmical pattern. Some readers have likened I Am Love to the Workbook of A Course in Miracles due to its 'practical application' of forgiveness.

Above all else, remember that God loves you.

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ACIM Book: I Am Love - Book 1

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